Serum B12 level 229


My husband has had a range of blood tests at the surgery this week as he has been feeling really out of sorts. Before she agreed to do the tests the G.P. said to him I think you look depressed (He has recently retired and she went on to say how a lot of people get like this when they retire). I said he has all the symptoms of B12 deficiency so I asked if she would test for it and she agreed and said she would do some other blood tests as well but she said again you look depressed.

I have just rang for the results and the receptionist said all results are O.K. except one which is the Biochemistry

(it had a note next to it to say 'make sure patient keeps his appt. next Monday') I then asked for his B12 result, the level is 229, the receptionist said there was not a range with it has they have all been changed. As we both use the same G.P. I think it would have been sent to the same lab and when I had B12 done the range was

180 - 1130. Even if the range has changed I think 229 is very low.

He is 62, likes a drink and for the last 6 months he has been getting the symptoms of difficulty getting up in a morning, previous to this he never had this problem, falling asleep every time he sits down, feeling down in the dumps, palpitations, numbness and tingling in one hand, a numb crawling feeling on his face and recently feeling if he is going to faint.

I am going to go with him again for his appt. on Monday but I know the G.P. will say he his in range.

Has anyone been given B12 injections with a level of 229 and would the Biochemistry result be connected to the low B12.

Any advise and thoughts greatly appreciated.


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  • Hi, mine was 256 (active B12) and I was suffocating, couldn't feel my limbs, had a migraine every day etc etc. your husband's reading seems pretty low, but doctors are determined to find macrocytosis before diagnosing. Only at the very end did I produce this. They almost left it too late. Can I advise. Get a printed copy of all test results, so you can check everything.

  • Many thanks for your reply, he has an appt. Monday so I shall go with him and ask for a print out of his results,

    Best wishes browny

  • Hi My daughter had a very similar result at 217 and was prescribed the injections, I am no expert but I believe that nice guidelines say that if the patient is experiencing neurological symptoms they should be treated. Good luck I am sure that someone with more expertise in this will answer your question.

  • Many thanks for your reply, he has an appt. Monday if he gets fobbed off with its in 'range' I shall insists on further tests.

    Best wishes browny

  • Hi I was diagnosed with b12 deficency a year ago I had pretty severe Neurological symptoms with the heart palpatations and breathlessness and I was really pale I was sent to neurologist and my results came back at 165 my gp and one of the other neurologists said it can't all be down to b12. They didnt think it was low enough but I got intouched with Dr Chandy on the and he was realy helpfully and he will tell you alot more information and if your doctor won't prescribe b12 shots he will tell you were to get them and you can do the injections yourself

  • Hi

    Many thanks for your reply, my husband has been back to the G.P. and she has agreed to give him the shots (after lots of debate) he had his first one yesterday.

    Surely your G.P. should have given you them with a result of 165.

    The bottom of the range at the lab our G.P. uses is 180 but I have read some are as low as 160

    even if your range was 160 and you had symptoms your G.P. should have given you the shots.

    Is he/she giving you them now or are you having to get your own?

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