Hi Can anyone tell me if I can get B12 Active test done as GP and Endo dont do ?

Hi I have Hashimotos Thyroid disease plus symptoms of tingling,insomnia very tired involuntary twitches, very dry eyes/nose mouth, brusing bad healing, confusion forgetfull ness does anyone think these symptoms are related to B12? my serum B12 is 752 . and Endrocinologist say it is fine and wont do active B12 tst and a couple of Thyroid Uk members have suggested I should get this done.

Can anyone tell me hre else I can get Active B12 done?

Any advice appreciated


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  • This test is available at St Thomas' Hospital in London. If you are too far away it can be sent through the post. Cost is about £18 (maybe more for the postal version) and you need a referral letter from your GP. Results in ten days. Contact Denise Oblein, Divisional Secretary at GSTS Pathology. email: denise.oblein@gsts.com

  • Hi Braindead,

    Thanks for your reply, I will see if I can get it sent as I live near Colchester,


  • HI Corinne

    So sorry you are having trouble with your doc.......two years ago! I felt ill, my GP tested me for. B12, simple blood test, I so don't know WHY your doc is refusing.....I have a health history of Rhumatoid Arthritis, low BP and have had Several corrective surgeries on spine and other joints......therefore due to my poor health, because I felt weak, did the B12 blood test, it's not a regular blood test, it's a specified test, maybe that's why, and costly to his Practice Budget..... I have my B12 injection every three months......and will do for rest of my life......so I would Demand a B12 blood test, and if that doc refuses, I would change my Doctor to a Recommended one.......good luck and keep us informed

    Jill x

  • Hi Jill60,

    Im not due to see GP till next week, and will ask for Active B12 , as asked Endo and no luck but GP may say yes. will update you next week! Then if no luck will contact denise xx thanks

  • Hi Corrine

    You state that your GP has tested your Serum B12 and at 752 he feels your ok, well that's a start, but far from the full story. You do not state if your GP has tested you for Intrinsic Factor or Parietal Cell Antibodies, probably not, as he more than likely feels there's no need, as your Serum level is good, this is normally seen as 150 to 1000 by most labs in England. Braindead's suggestion to talk to Denise O'blien is a good one, she may be prepared to put you through to or provide you with E-mail details for Dr. Dominic Harrington. Dominic is a great guy and the Director of Medical Research down at Guys / St Thomas's Hospital and heads a team of experts working on B12 and it's associated problems. Denise's direct line number is 0207 188 7188, she will make good all the loose ends for you and a postal pack is available, the last I heard it cost £12, plus the £18 for the HoloTC (active B12) test and then if your results are in the grey area, you may need an MMA test, which I believe costs £96.

    Hope this helps and you soon feel better.

    B12 Turbo

  • Hi Serum level as in Serum Ferratin....Iron Stores? I have B12 injections 3monthly, apparently for rest of my life.....but my serum F levels drop to 7...so have infusions when it drops again, twice I've had this, and will again no doubt, I can't seem to keep my levels normal, after the infusion, it went up to 67...but better than 7......hope you can reply...thanks....

  • Hi jill60,

    Have had serum folate 17.4 ( 3-20)

    serum ferritin 227ug ( 180-800)

    GPsays fine it must be diff having injections regularly and not mainitaing levels, I wonder why this happens? have the Dr's said poss cause? take care x

  • Hi Corinne

    I'm also under the Gastro Team as I have gastritis ( inflamed stomach Lining )...... And now they are looking into the low serum Ferritin Levels, as they told me that usually low levels is due to a bleed somewhere in my body, but I have had CT scan on Tum, but no where else.....so awaiting results of that.....there is so much going wrong with me, I may do a Story about it.....I rang the docs yest and they said that my last test was 337 on serum b12 test, but I've read that is also too low?......I need to see the my Doc again soon. Also I've had severe Vertigo forfive weeks, Yikes also gave me a reply and had the same.... Got to be honest, since reading everyone's Levels I'm getting confused with their Blood test results.......x

  • Hi jill,

    Lets hope the scan will come up with answers, otherwise they should check for other causes I would imagine to find the cause of bleed, Im not expert on levels but B12 seems a little low but you would need to check what the range is.

    Best wishes


  • Hi Turbo,

    Thanks for info, no Gp hasnt tested for Instrinsic Factor or other one! never heard of them before!!

    other tests ok but MMA too expensive for me to afford. So if needed maybe GP will help.



  • ask if you have had your homocysteine level checked this could be something to do with how you are feeling B12awareness.org have you watched the hour long you tube video

  • Hi Corinne

    You state that your GP has not tested for I.F an P.C.A. which does not surprise me, as it would appear he/she feels your ok. But do you mean that your GP has never heard of the P.C.A. test, that does surprise me. Perhaps you should ask your GP if you can be referred to a Consultant Haematologist at your local hospital, they should understand the condition better and may even pay for the tests for you.

    Hope your soon feeling better

    B12 Turbo

  • Hi Turbo,

    I meant I havent asked GP to test I.F or P.C.A as I didnt know about them, and my apt not until next week with GP.

    Iwill ask when I go. x


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