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I'm living with PD, that doesn't mean I'm not a person

I went to a neurologiy clinic in August It was a three hour drive, It was a three hour drive. I had to hire a driver, rent motel rooms,by the time it was over it cost me $600. I was used as a training tool. First run through a bunch of tests by an intern and then the big ego Dr. comes in and does all the tests again while talking around me to the intern. I wasn't there, I didn't exist. They had me keep a daily journal entering time dosage, medicine working or not every 1/2 hour for a week. I sent the info in and they told me I didn't know whether the medicine was working or not. Well, I do know when I'm off or on (their wording for whether or not I had enough dopamine production.) That's why I went to this clinic. If anyone would know it would be me! I thought that I was having a bad day and that I'd get over it but when they called me reminding me of my appointment on Fri., I cancelled itknowing I this is the only PD clinic in the state. when asked why? I told them ,"the distance" and "I didn't like the Dr.". Has anyone been through this? Why did this Dr. treat me like I couldn't know whether the medicine wasn't working, I've spent more time with this disease than she's spent in medical school!

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I agree with what your saying Merlethegirl - This is true for all cases (medically) Unless you have found a compassionate DR. to listen to you and understand all that your going through both mentally and Physically. A lot of Drs. (but not all) seem to treat patients as lab experiments and don't listen. I do not have PD but a special person in my life does and I see it with her. She has a few other medical issues which can mimic PD and what I don't see is some Dr. looking at the big picture , only treating there specality _ I myself have a medical issue an has been treated the same way to a point I give up and lost trust in some Dr's. I hope some day one of our young medical people figures out PD for your sake and my special person. You all much deserve it. Peace.


I found a Dr. that listens. He will spend 45 minutes to 1 hour (or more, if needed) listening to me. He gave me my life back!! I have to drive over 2 hrs to see him, but it is worth it!


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