Pot for Parkinsons

Hi,I live in New Jersey,I have had PD for 11 years now.I tried submitting a application Medical Pot and conditionally I was aprroved,But it does Have questions if Pd patient should be qualified for it.I know MS Differs in many ways, But still has the same effects as parkinsons also.Does anyone have any insight why should Parkinsons be in Question for Medical MJ,I have other ailments Like IBS and years ago I had a surgery 12 years ago called nissen fundoplication for acid reflux,Something like lap band surgery to this day I can not vomit or fully belch and nausea is my worse emeny and after all these years my stomach stretched back and acid reflux again.Your answers would be a great help.

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  • I'm originally from New Jersey, but now live in the south. Is pot legal for PD in NJ now?

    How do you go about getting it? I still have family that lives there.

  • Thank you very much.

  • Hi Maryalice,I did a search for mj for medical use and there's a wesite to register,They say I was conitionally approved,but have to determine with specialist if Parkinson should be considered,Because it is not listed of one of the conditions,Which I don't understand MS is listed,and pretty much have alot of the same symptoms as MS.My movement disorder says he has to cerified and he has alot of MS.I don't is plans on being certified,People tell just go to a doctor on the list they have on the website listed to approve you,I understand the first visit with these doctors is $150 and 2nd visit is $100,The way I understand that you have be a patient of the doctor for a year.In a way saying you can't just hook up with a doctor to get it.But yes Pot is legal for medical use,MONTICLAIR NJ,just open to pick up the pot.On this website there's so many kinds of pot that helps for differenent effects on for sleeping,one for muscle cramps,Some have THC in it,some don't.Maryalice I will look up the website again and will send the name of the site,ok.

  • Thanks that would be great. I'll be waiting to hear from you. Blessings.

  • Just as a point of interest, in those states of the USA where cannabis is available on prescription, is it only made available in the form of oil that may be used in cooking or is it possible to get resin that may be smoked, perhaps with tobacco?

  • In California and other states you can buy (with prescription) weed to smoke or edibles like cookies and cakes.

  • You can also fins it in capsule form. Not everyone carries it so it will take more searching. I found them in California.

  • I would think you'd qualify for IBS. It sounds odd that there are designated doctors. I suppose it prevents abuse as with pain pills. Please keep us posted . I have PD and VERY painful IBS with constipation and PD related dystonia in pelvic floor. And don't want get on the percoset/xanax treadmill.

  • Pot works.

  • What sate do you live in? Who gave you your prescription, PCP, Neurologist or none of your business is also an appropriate response. Message perhaps?

  • I have Parkinsons Disease. I get morning tremors. I get severe bouts of depression and anxiety. I have tried several antidepressants only to find myself feeling worse than ever. Antidepressants give me insomnia and make me constipated. I usually end up with more severe depression. I am not sure if levodopa / carbidopa does anything for me but I do know that, for the time being, pot is the only thing that makes me feel better. I go from feeling doomed to "I can live with this" in about five minutes. I don't know why everybody has to talk around this issue. Maybe our government should pay attention to the healing properties of marijuana instead of demonizing it.

  • Agree, thanks.

  • yes it does. It helps in many ways. Helps me eat and sleep. As hard sit is to sleep with this I get much better sleep with it.

  • This information may be of assistance: norml.org/news/2004/09/23/c...

  • Medical Marijuana, Investigate and learn. Marijuana oil has for me changed my Parkinson symptoms from oppressive to tolerable. One more thing, be your own advocate.

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