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degenerating Parkinson or Parkinson +

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Iam a mother of two, married for 50 years & had a happy & healthy life.

5 years ago my only sibling, my brother who we were caring for passed away.

Shock of his death started a tremor in my right arm. Six months later I went to see a neurologist who put me on 6 x 12.5Mg of Dopamine per day.

Since then my condition started to go down. Loss of balance, difficulty in standing & sitting dow, speaking not clearly, staring look, not smiling, not laughing etc.

I am told my condition is degenerating. I am keeping up with Dopamine which I want to stop because this I think is the main cause of my current helplessness.

Will be discussing it soon with my neurologist.

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If you are still on the same protocol (12.5/50 c/l or madopar?) for 5 years you may be under medicated rather than the meds causing your symptoms. Discuss lowering and/or raising your meds with your doctor.

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parkinso in reply to Juliegrace

Thanks Juliegrace, I will.

You might want to join our Zoom calls. Saturdays at 7 PM CST and Sundays at 11 AM CST. Just reach out to MBAnderson to get added. Lots of nice people on the call.

Thank you Bolt_Upright

I am not good with Computers but will ask my son to help me link up. Thanks again

Is your neurologist a Movement Disorder Specialist? If he/she isn't I strongly recommend you find one. They specialize in Parkinson's

There is no medication available that reverses the progression of Pd. That being the case, it would be better for you if you looked at other known ways of reversing the progression of Pd, so that instead of slowly getting worse, even if you do get temporary relief for shorter and shorter periods with medication, with the walking you are slowly getting better.

One of the proven ways to reverse your symptoms is to start doing Fast Walking. You would start at a very low level of walking, as fast as you can, for as little as 10 minutes or less, every second day and slowly working up to 1 hour every second day. That gives your muscles a chance to recover.

I did that back in 1994 and by 1998, at the age of 64, I was walking at less than 7 minutes per K and most of my more serious symptoms were a thing of the past.

I was not cured but I have not taken any Pd medication since 2002. I am now 87 and still walking. This method of high intensity exercise that is maintained for an hour has been scientifically proven to produce a molecule in your brain that repairs or replaces the damaged brain cells, which then gives you more levodopa and therefore, less symptoms.

For more information either Google John Pepper, Parkinson’s or look at my profile on this website.

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kaypeeoh in reply to JohnPepper

"There is no medication available that reverses the progression of Pd...." Even if that's true it does me no good to believe it. I've tried everything from B vitamins to meditation with nothing making a difference. I can't tell whether fast walking is doing anything. So next I'll try red light therapy. The literature suggests it could help. IF it doesn't,,..maybe look into stem cells. All these gimmicks may be a fools errand but that's preferable to feeling hopeless.

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JohnPepper in reply to kaypeeoh

Have you actually tried walking as fast as you possibly can, for a maximum of one hour every second day?

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Sydney75 in reply to JohnPepper

John you are blessed that it works for you. Everyone is different, if this was a "cure" it would work for everyone. Its good to spread your success, as I said before some people simply can not fast walk because of other health problems. Count your blessings!

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JohnPepper in reply to Sydney75

Hi. I have never been under the impression that Fast walking works for everybody, but if it works for only 25% of them, which I believe it possibly could then that is a large number of patients.

Je suis tellement touchée qu’après votre amélioration de votre santé, vous restez disponible pour aider les autres.... Merci beaucoup, Monsieur Pepper. J’aimerais tellement que mon mari ait essayé votre méthode... après combien de temps est-il possible de remarquer de petites améliorations? Y a-t-il beaucoup de gens qui, comme vous, ont eu des améliorations significatives après avoir fait de la marche rapide? Merci d’avance pour votre réponse

I am so touched that after your improvement in your health you remain available to help others.... thank you very much Mr Pepper. I wish so much that my husband tried your method... after how long is it possible to notice small improvements? Are there many people, who, like yourself, have had significant improvements after doing brisk walking? Thank you in advance for your reply

I noticed an improvement in my clodition within a month. My walking times improved by nearly 20% after only three months. After two years I had broght my time doen to less than 7n minutes per Kilometre, It statrted in excess of 10,5 minutes per K.

Thank you...

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rleedc in reply to JohnPepper

I’ve had two right knee surgeries. I also have right leg tremor which tightens the muscles and aggravates the knee. I’ve used many of my own treatments including foam roller cupping vibration and laser. I can now walk further but I don’t know if I could do it for one hour. What do you think about walking and biking since the biking doesn’t aggravate my knee as much

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JohnPepper in reply to rleedc

Hi. I am not a doctor! I can only tell everybody what I have done to reverse my symptoms. If you can make use of any of the info I send out then that is wonderful. I cannot possiblly tell anybody that it will work for them! Anybody can try to do whatever they can and see the results. It requires no capital outlay or consultation costs, so what has anybody got to lose?

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rleedc in reply to JohnPepper

Okay thanks

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