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Drop Foot and Parkinson's - is there a link?

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Diagnosed with PD one year ago. Main symptoms dragging left foot and left hand tremor that both responded well to 25/100 Co-Careldopa 3 times a day. All fine till 10 days ago. Woke up, got up, started to walk, right foot felt very strange. Sat down and tried to move and rotate foot. Discovered that if I put my foot out and extended my toes I could not then return foot to a ninety degree angle. It barely retracted. If I sat down and tapped my left foot on the ground it went up and down. When I tried to move my right foot it just stayed flat on the floor, only right big toe lifted off the ground. Hobbled around for a few days as walking adversely affected, hoping it would gradually return to normal (it didn't and hasn't). Phone conversation with GP who suggested that this was either drop foot (caused by nerve damage in right leg) or possibly something arising from Parkinson's. He suggested that I slightly increase my PD meds for a few days and then, if it was PD linked, this should improve movement in right foot. Otherwise would need further investigation. Anyone with Parkinson's experienced similar drop foot symptoms or is this something I've randomly and separately acquired? Thanks.

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I drag my left foot too,whenever my medication is wearing off, or before it kicks in.You might want to increase your carpidopa/levodopa dose.Work with your doctor to up your dose.

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Dobro52 in reply to OREOLU

Thank you. Taking higher dose for 5 days so far but no effect.

I don’t have Parkinson’s but I did drag my right leg for one year and my foot wouldn’t raise I took high dose b12 and eventually in a year it got better and I walk normally today it is smaller than my left leg but functions fine with just some foot numbness occasionally. I know it was the b12 because I didn’t take a multi or any other supplements at that time it was years ago

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Dobro52 in reply to Gigi216

Thank you. Vit B12 gets a very high mention in all sorts of PD related issues. I shall have to try it out.

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Smittybear7 in reply to Dobro52

My folate level was 23,and my nutritionist told me to stop all b12. No explanation. Any suggestions

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38yroldmale in reply to Gigi216

How much B12 did you take?

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Gigi216 in reply to 38yroldmale

1000 sublingual tablet each day

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chartist in reply to Gigi216

Are you saying 1,000 mcg per serving? That would be equivalent to 1 mg.


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Gigi216 in reply to chartist

Yes 1000 mcg per day I have taken up to 5000 mcg per day but find 1000 does fine for me

Dystonic Pseudo Foot Drop.


Thanks very much for your feedback. I've got some limited 'twitching' movement back, which is good. But my foot fatigues after a short walk (with a stick) and my toes start to dip down so I have to be careful I don't trip. GP consulting with a Neurologist about best strategy. Your technological solution sounds effective for your symptoms, which must have come as a great boon.

It is very interesting what kind of the neurological technology are you using. If it is possible tell about this a little more. Thank you in advance.

Natalya K.

Years before Parkinson's I had foot drop. The reason was damage to the peroneal nerve. I had surgery where they found 90% loss of the nerve. I've always wondered if the peroneal nerve damage was an early sign of PD.

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