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Nausea and Vomiting

Prior to my Parkinson's diagnosis I had severe episodes of nausea and vomiting. My Neuro said it was the affect of the PD on the inner ear.

Those episodes have started again. Does anyone else have these symptoms, if so, have you found anything to help? I had not had them since starting on Azilect, but it has been almost continuous for weeks now.

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Funny, I have the nausea and dizziness especially when I lay down, my doctor said it is Vertigo. This is the 2nd time I have had it...and it has lasted over a month this time. Do you get dizzy when you lay down..or really light headed? They have a good article in the Neurology magazine.



I have problems with my ears plugging up, like I'm in an airplane. Is this part of PD?



I do get Vertigo, that does go along with PD though mine is not usually accompanied by the nausea and vomiting.

DiCan, I do not know that ears plugging up on an airplane have anything to do with PD, but is typically due to the air pressure changes. I have found that chewing gum can help while on a flight.



i used to get labyrinthitis (an inner ear infection) hwich meant i was vomiting/nauseus and dizzy and ha dto go to bed fo r a few days

i do not ge tiet nwo - i cannot swim ay more nad wonder if in fac t it ws sth epool water which caused it

but i have got PSP -- no meds for it and so it cannot be the meds

airplanes do affectg pressure in the ear

i have had prematiure hearign loss too since aged 47 ) ( am now 66)

;lol JIll




Yes, I get very nauseous from time to time, but I have it under almost reasonable control with1 x 10mg Domperidone tab 3 times daily.

Reference the vertigo, first thing in the morning, and often through the day (if I stand up or turn suddenly), it is a weird feeling, but everything appears to slope down to the left, which makes me dizzy, to say the least. It's getting to be expensive when I let go of crockery, thinking that it is on the table.

To give an idea how bad, at it's worst (first time up in the morning), the table is 1 metre across, and the visual level on the left is 4 inches above the true level of the left side of the table.

Because I had cataracts done last year, I am going to Moorfields later this week to rule that out.

You have my sympathy for the nausea




My dizzyness is mainly when I move suddenly or try to bend over and pick something up. I always have to hold onto something in this circumstance or I will fall. I have found that I do not get as dizzy with if I stoop and do not look down at the floor but keep my eyes focused in front of me while stooping.

Sounds like your case is much worse. I will have to hold onto something when I get out of bed, usually the nightstand and steady myself before walking away from the bed. Have not had the visual miscalculations, but my vision has changed dramatically with the PD. My doc said it would improve with the meds, but has not. I have a lot of trouble tracking lines and have found it almost impossible to lay in bed and read as I once did every night.

There was an article I read that talked about tremors in the eyes of people with PD, guess that is my case. It is definitely something that eye doctors need to be aware of.

Of course, prior to diagnosis and treatment, I had visual hallucinations but have not since on medication.

Jillian, I do get inner ear infections a lot for an adult. I wear earplugs even in the shower to try and keep water out. The last one was in July, was pretty severe. I am usually able to catch them early and keep ear drops on hand though it did not work on the last one and I had to take oral anti-biotics.


I occasionally get nausea (not constantly like when I was on Requip) . I carry crystalized ginger available at health food stores. Or any ginger candy available at asian stores.


Thanks Pat, I have been drinking ginger ale but cannot tell that it helps that much. I am starting to think that some of it could be post nasal drip that I am having with allergies/asthma. August is usually my worst allergy month. Yesterday, after I posted this, I had a coughing episode that led to vomiting. So far today I do not have so much nausea. I cannot take decongestants because I take Azilect.


I spent two and one-half months regurgitating this summer. I've been home from the hospital and rehab for two weeks now, and I'm doing better. I remain unable to eat much, must eat little portions throughout day, eat soft food, low fat, and mostly liquids. The reason? Most likely gastroparesis. My digestive system has slowed down to a practical halt--because of PD. Don't take the problem lightly, lest you wind up as I did completely dehydrated, with my esophagus raw from tests and acid with my throat finally shutting down. I had not been able to absorb my Sinemet and was completely frozen. Few doctors seem to know much about this and I must say I've gone through a most difficult time. PD doesn't just affect voluntary movements, don't we all know--so take care when a doc throws out a quick response such as "vertigo," or "inner ear" stuff. You have PD, things may be more complicated than that. For your sake, I hope not.

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Thank you for your input. I know PD has an affect on the gut but had not really thought about it with this until you brought it up. In retrospect, I have not been able to keep down almost anything with fiber, it will come right back up. If I happen to keep it down, it runs right through me.

I have been careful to try and keep fluids going, just hope it ends soon. I have tried to think of everything I could that might be causing it. The last time it happened, the doc prescribed Phenergan for me but it did not seem to help at all.


Susie, I have been told to never take Phenergan because of PD. Be very careful what you take for nausea. Never take Reglan or Phenergan. They can exacerbate PD symtoms. Be careful, also, to keep hydrated, especially if you have diarrhea. This is one of those things that can get out of hand--at least it did for me. Try pureed foods for a while--and just a bit at a time.

Have you spoken with your neurologist about this? Take care.


I was given the phenergan before I knew I had PD, right before I was diagnosed. Good to know, my neurologist does not seem that concerned, just tells me I have PD...

I was just granted SSI disability in July so now have my state's version of Medicaid. I am going to look into a new neurologist. I am taking Azilect and he has prescribed meds a couple of times that are contraindicated with Azilect. PD is not his specialty. I was able to keep soup down tonight and a yogurt this morning, am also trying some powerade.

I know that stress has increased all of my PD symptoms, I have had more balance issues, even fell this weekend, which I have not done for a while.


You sound like you are on the right track. Do all you can to get a movement-disorder neurologist (PD). Eat a little at a time and not near bedtime. I'll be thinking of you.


Thanks for your continued encouragement.


Here's what I put in my blog while in rehab:

Could not eat.

Doc said go to other doc.

Other doc said later . . . Much later.

After ER, same doc said, I think you are anxious.

Yes, I replied. I have not been keeping food down.

And now water is difficult. He said, Come back later.

We will stick something down your throat, the one I never looked at.

So relax.

Someone on his staff did just that. Stuck something awful down my anxious gut.

You are okay. Relax. Stop throwing up.

Another said we are on a vacation.

Yet another had quit her post. You will see your new doc next month or so.

Could not eat, could not drink, could not sleep.

Emergency rooms hospital stays, Wrong meds, no meds.

Overworked staff, uncommunicative lords of their domain,

Who took away my meds which had kept me moving.

I am in rehab.

Cause I could not, cannot eat.

Each new doc knows best, even when he is on vacation,

Or simply reads remarks of an overworked nurse, then signs off on them.

I am a number.

Wonder what column I am in today.

To accent this pain, this loss, a loved one died while I am here.

Not Parkinson's, just things that occur to one because of Parkinson's.

They say, Do not worry.

Take a few pills, and try harder, but do not feel too bad,

Just get a grip and try harder.

I ask, What happened to thinking?

To listening?

To caring?

Thank the graces for my family and friends.

Thank you, my dear ones.

Please do not get sick.

August 2: My birthday. I came home yesterday, to flowers, cards, family, friends, and hope.

My cautionary tale remains: Stay well. Stay well.


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