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Sharing our experience , strength and hope and the benefits of blogging!

Sharing our experience , strength and hope and the benefits of blogging!

I never thought I would see myself writing a blog, nor did I think that it would be named in the top 40 blogs(I was no 40 but who is concerned I was there and my blog was 3 months old at that time!) nominated by the in the USA in April this year during Parkinsons Awareness month.Sometimes we think that no one would be interested in what we have to say so I have been amazed at the feedback through facebook, twitter,the blog etc.(

Not everyone will want to read it and thats ok but if it touches just one person then it has been worthwhile .Another reason for writing the blog was because I had committed to doing the Dublin Marathon this October and by publishing that piece of info I knew I would not be able to get out of it!!

I was rather lazy before I was diagnoised , to day I am probably as fit as I have ever been.Going to the World Congress in Glasgow gave me the impetus to do the marathon because there I met other people with Parkinsons already doing them .

By the way I have never done one before and am amazed at how much I am enoying it and I am walking it not running it .

The Irish are off to Glasgow in Sept to join Bryn Williams (Wobbly Williams) and his expanding team of athletes in the Great Scots run.

If we can take the positives out of Parkinsons surely these have to be some of them .

So I would really encourage people to blog, lets all share our experience, strength and hope towards helping us all get a better quality of life and the ultimate a cure for this disease!

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