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YES I am still on Coconut Oil, aka CO

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Since a few have asked, YES I am still on Coconut Oil, aka CO. 4T in large mug of coffee each morning. I am now 82, first PD symptoms in 2005, diagnosed in 2009, taking CO since 2011. I still stand by everything that I have written about the benefits of CO for my PD. It continues to work for me.

My body continues to age. I'm starting to pay the bills for my athletic youth. Had my right hip replaced 2 weeks ago. After 2 very painful years, it's great not to hurt. I still have a couple of months of Rehab ahead me. Then perhaps I can do a bit of writing.

I feel that I owe this community an update on CO and my PD. I will try to get a better report out in the next couple of months. Meanwhile, important pointers: (1) There are scientific reasons why CO probably WILL NOT WORK FOR YOU if you are taking a statin drug, (2) While I have met many people whose PD symptoms are significantly reduced by CO, we have also heard from many who are statin free and seem to get no benefit. I never claimed that CO is a miracle cure.

CO and Statins:

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Thank you for the update. Is 4T 4 tablespoons or 4 teaspoons? It's very inspiring to hear how CO has helped you. 🙂

I have been off & on with CO for about 10 years. It's not significant but it does seem to help ease the symptoms. The highest amount I've tried is 3 Tbl/day. I may revisit the amount & see if it helps.🥊

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What of using CO to cook instead taking 1 tablespoon directly,

And are we talking of the same CO here, because the CO i use is solid at room temperature, so there's no way i can take 1 tablespoon

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CO melts at 76F. So it dissolves into coffee. I stir it in a mini blender and it comes out like a cheap latte.

Important to use the full coconut flavor unrefined version of coconut oil. Refining strips out essential ingredients and leaves just plain saturated fat lauric acid.

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I use Lou Ana CO from Walmart, refined. It is approx 60% lauric acid and traces of several other MCT's

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I was using refined coconut oil from They did not state the percentage of lauric acid but I had the impression it was pretty high. Anyway, I developed evidence of a circulatory problem. I switched to MCT Oil and that problem resolved.

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What’s MCT oil please...

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MCT stands for Medium Chain Triglycerides

How much MCT oil do you take park_bear? I am too random with mine.

Random here too I am afraid. I use it in place of butter. I try to get some every day but no fixed amount.

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The CO i cook with says on the jar "extra virgin, cold pressed, 100,% raw,"

Does any of these refer to wether its refined or not?

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Yes, what you have is unrefined. "Virgin" and "raw" both indicate that.

What does Coconut oil do to the cholesterol level, I’m just worried about easing my symptoms at the cost of a potential heart disease

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I cook with it and we use MCT oil in our smoothies. It hasn't affected our cholesterol levels at all. I think I'll start putting MCT oil in my PD husband's coffee after reading this post!

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It's supposed to increase the good cholesterol, so all good. I just add a teaspoon of coconut oil to my morning coffee with Mannitol.

You have been here for 8 years! And still kicking PD!! Impressive!!!

Mind if you share your experience from the beginning? And yeah, your recent pics would be highly appreciated ☺️

4T CO once a day or spread across a day??

My husband takes a heaping tablespoon of Coconut Oil every morning as well we put a teaspoon of MCT Oil in our juice. He's not on statins but ensures that he take EPA-DHA (fish oil) along with some aged garlic pills for cholesterol.