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So here I am around year 10, and I know that my sort've pd honeymoon period is starting to fade. What I mean by this is I sense myself moving into a more serious phase, as my body stiffens more and as my drugs wear off my movement is now very impacted. However, I still remain undeniably well, hugely motivated, full of passion and steely determination. Despite 3 hours sleep on average ( 7 years ) I rarely nap in the day, I have stamina issues of course but I never give into fatigue. I take no anti depressants and am genuinely happy and upbeat 99% of the time. My wellness I put down to distraction. I do so much. From the radio show to my Heartart project, drumming and my 'Beat it' drum therapy campaign, to working with professional companies, window design for a fashion shop, brainstormer volunteer for a stately home, band and young persons mentor, writer, cook, fashion addict, I honestly believe pd doesn't have the chance to prioritize itself ... there is too much noise, activity, diversity, it can't be the focus, its way down the list.

I'm busy everyday, every hour of everyday, I rarely think about pd, about my symptoms, or my limitations. I subconsciously adjust in order to overcome stuff and use my brain to find solutions but thats about it. Yes I can get overwhelmed, yes sometimes I think 'why o why' but I used to before pd. And I have so much I want to do, tap dancing is next on my list, but I can't consider anything new for at least 6 month, but hell I will get around to it, for sure.

What works for me is the same as any technique or plan we may have, its totally individual. But keeping busy makes me feel valued, I'm contributing, I'm learning, I'm also sharing my knowledge and ideas. Not a bad legacy.

So today I will carry on distracting my brain, so that my pd processor goes into 'sleep mode' as it fails to even remotely get my attention, once more.

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  • I think there are few who can be like you are. Wish I could but outside factors and stress are many and I can hardly keep my head above water.

  • hi

    i do get where u r coming from - u r v young to havePD

    but it does not have u?

    keep up the drumming -i htink it great that you r learnign new skills to keep the pd at bay



  • I wish you were here to inspire me. I know what you are doing is the way forward, but I do not have the motivation or the confidence in myself to do all, or most, of the things you do. I am great at giving advice, but not so good at following it myself. This is nothing to do with Parkinsons, I have always been like this. I need to give myself a really good kick up the rear end and get out and do something new while I still can.

    Sue :-)

  • Sue, you must seize this life, don't waste another moment. You can do this. Start something small today, for me x

  • I will try to do something different. Starting with Tai Chi. But, as I said, I am not confident in doing things by myself - I need a good push. Hopefully, I will be able to get some advice at my hospital appointment next week to give me better evenings. Then who knows?


  • start with something small that you can do, think back to things you loved but gave up or had no time for ..... baking, cross stitch, singing, painting! Dont worry at this stage as to whether you can or not, just did you LOVE doing it.... then we work out how x

  • I have started knitting again as I have a new grandson due end of July. Have had stomach bug this week so have not been doing much. Will try to do some gardening as I have a lot of seeds to put in and time is running out. Please keep giving me a push. I need it. X

  • knitting thats cool! Have seen some amazing yarns all glittery, fluffy, beaded .. yum yum yum..... I would love a mohair cardigan?? up for that??

  • Don't want to run before I can walk, but give me time!!!

  • You are an inspiration

  • You don't sound distracted. You sound purposefully engaged! Rock on!

  • I love your attitude! You've inspired me to go forth and conquer. Today is a new day and I intend to make the best of it.

  • This is the best philosophy I have recently read. We can not save the world from all of the problems but we CAN attempte to offer and share what we do and will continue to do when our dau' f gdter> TWINS ARE BORN. create something postitive to counterbalance frequent depression and stress; when you can imagine the many good times we will share with these little guys.


    Shanti Peace

  • What an inspiration xx

  • sounds like a good plan--outrun it, duck it, have fun!

  • Great reading, thanks for posting :-) xx

  • H/H, Great post...you're plan works well for me too most of the time...I have been diagnosed 21 yrs now and felt that my major success was in not letting the PD truck run over me. The best way was to stay so busy that PD could only rarely dominate my thoughts because if PD is in charge then we march straight into depression. About 5 yrs ago It became very hard to multitask because I couldn't remember why I had gone into a room when I got there. Now I can't walk well much of the time so I'm compensating by hanging onto grocery carts to get around. I now use a cane and the handicapped parking but I know I shouldn't drive much longer. I just hate when PD wins and my plans and physical abilities lose but your distraction method works very well...keep it up!!!

  • I hang onto grocery carts too, I pick up speed dangerously and take corners too fast ..... now isnt that the point of them?? x

  • I just read this from FIVE YEARS AGO!!! I'd like to know how everyone that replied is doing now & Iron1~~how about those twins?!

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