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Hi my question is do I have Parkinson's

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Hi everybody I think I have Parkinson's I've always suffered from anxiety and stress but about 6 months ago go my wife was very ill I woke up one morning my hand was shaking which I couldn't stop. If I'm using my hand it's not too bad but if I just leave it to rest it starts shaking now I've noticed my right leg and started shaking. I've noticed my eyesight has gone a bit wobbly it's like being giddy if that makes sense. I also noticed I seem to walk slower and more on my toes for some reason. I don't go out much I never have done but I seem to be getting more of a couch potato and can't be bothered to do things. I live alone now my wife passed away 2 months ago go with cancer. Sorry for any spelling mistakes I'm dyslexic as well not a lot going for me I suppose. I haven't been to the doctors about it it I take no medication to be honest I'm frightened to go to the doctor's with this virus going around. Thank you for anyone's advice I appreciate it.

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Thank you for that

Does your primary do telehealth visits? If yes, then make a remote appointment. They can do a screening exam and help you to follow the correct course of action. You have been through a lot and putting off seeing your doctor will not change how you are feeling. God bless.

Thank you for that

Have a neurologist evaluate you symptoms. A neurologist will look for more symptoms and may even prescribe a DATscan if necessary to make a determination. It appears that whatever the cause a neurologist can treat.

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Thank you so much

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"It appears that whatever the cause a neurologist can treat."

Dangerous over the line comment. Don't be fooled on that score, that is a dangerous unfounded conclusion. Pursue evidence from legitimate professionals.

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Thank you

Not sure you have PD. You sound like you are having a tough time and are understandably depressed, which can manifest itself in lots of physical ways.

Can you see a doctor and get some support and help to find the root cause if the problem.

I’m sorry about your wife.

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Thank you for your advice I will try to see if I can arrange a phone call with my doctor

As you can see this group has some amazing people. I am proud of their suggestions and can't really improve upon them. I just want to add my voice to say I wish you the best.

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Yes they all seem nice people and thank you for your comment

You should join Marc Anderson's pub . We meet on zoom on Sat and Sunday. Send a short note to MBAnderson. He needs your email to send the invite.

The one positive result from the Covid lockdown is the telehealth. I have had 2 Zoom visits with my neurologist and a couple of calls with my GP. I would call your GP and see what he says? This forum is excellent. And the Zoom pub meetings are also great for support, varied information and comaraderie. I wish you the best of luck!

Stress dramatically depletes zinc and magnesium, and being deficient can cause electrolytes imbalance that contributes to spasms and shaking. I’m very sorry for your loss but with all that you’ve gone through, you must will yourself to start your recovery and avoid being a couch potato that’ll only worsen your state. Please go out and take a long walk starting today and try to incorporate some exercises regularly. Immediately supplement magnesium (Glycinate or L-threonate) and zinc ( I recommend Jarrow”s Zinc Balance) and also a good multivitamin or B-complex. I also recommend a sublingual methyl b12 if you’re unaware of the vitamin status. You might also look into taurine (look for powder form) that may also help further with mineral balance and blurry eyes. What others suggested above is important but please start taking care of yourself right away without delay before things get worse.

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Thank you I will have to sort something out

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These thoughts from rescuema are good strong suggestions with only upside, not just from what is ailing you at present, and with them I see virtually no risk. The toe walking is an important piece.

Hi, you should get yourself checked out, I'm not a doctor but from what you say it could be the on set of PD? Better you know one way or the other

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Thank you for your reply I will get something sorted out

have your DR let you try carb/levodopa (sinemet) and see if it alleviates tremor ....thats a good start IMO....cheers.

You need to get yourself off the couch and do something. Walking is a start. !!!

The toe walking is a bit of a giveaway. My GP mentioned PD based on that a few years before my diagnosis! Couple it with shaking and general balance issues and I'd say you need to see a doctor for sinemet asap. Not sure why you are procrastinating but I do that as well.

Remember: You will feel better if you do and if PD isnt indicated, wont that be a bonus?

Whether or not you have PD you must start exercising and eat properly. This will help your health whatever is going on.

Get rid of all processed food, eat a lot of fresh vegetables, and avoid things like burgers, pizza and other fast foods made with white flour and cheese.

If you are safe to go out in public make an effort to smile and say hello to everyone you see on your walk. It is important to keep up social contact as loneliness is bad for your health.

Avoid sitting on the couch or on the PC for long periods. Keep moving.

There needs to be the standard rule-outs for reaction to any forms of environmental toxins too, you really should be started off with a primary care provider for a global assessment that includes your history, and then as part of that looks at generally neurological then ask to discuss the possibility of something neurological. As I and someone else said above, the toe walking should be taken seriously. Good luck.

I’ve been experiencing the same thing as you!! Did you ever get it figured out?

Hello Shaun , I was just trolling by and thought hey there’s Shaun. I guess I will stop and say hello.

Have you been diagnosed with Parkinson’s for the symptoms you described?

Boy howdy, my wife and I just recently moved into a retirement community. It aggravated my Parkinson’s worry button and for some reason I have a fear of living alone when and if my wife goes first.

Well Shaun I’ve said too much. Have a good night.

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Hi I still haven't been diagnosed basically because of this virus going around very hard to see a proper consultant. But I know it's getting worse my right hand and my right leg are still shaking . Plus I'm sitting down a lot more now seems like I can't be bothered to do anything and not being crude but I'm dribbling from my mouth a bit now. I really hope you and your wife are ok always send me a message just for a normal chat take care.

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