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Exercise and its benefits to the PWP

Here I am again, in the blogasphere! I write this blog only to tell you what has helped me, not as a medical expert, so each of you PLEASE check with your doctor before you start any program at all!!!!

I do pilates twice a week (on the recommendation of my doctor) to help strengthen my core muscles and help with my balance. In addition I do yoga 3 times a week (also on the recommendation of my doctor). I can't say enough about how much better I feel since I started.

I also have sarcoid so I get out of breathe very quickly but I still keep on going.

The benefits to me have been inmeasurable, I have gone up to an hour of pilated instead of 1/2 hour, and since I started yoga, my breathing is not as labored. I have lost weight and I think I am stronger.

So besides exercising your mind (refer to my last post) start slowly and exercise your body, no matter how little you move. But and I can't stress this enough, CHECK WITH YOUR DOCTOR first! And if you decide to go the route I have, please find a reputable yoga and pilates studio.

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Thanks for the info. I used to do yoga and have been wanting to start again. Thanks for inspiring me!



I have a Wii Fit and use this to do Yoga, and yes you are right it does help, although I think it is much more beneficial to go to classes.

I have also been looking for a local class to do Tai Chi. Having finally found one, it is closing as there was not enough interest. I have the DVD but cannot get to grips with this at all.

I also do a Rosemary Conley DVD which I find very good. So I try, not always successfully, to do these as often as I can. Have been advised not to exercise at the moment as I am having problems after a tooth extraction, so getting back into the routine is not going to be easy.


have a look at , there's loads of free stuff and also an online course


Thanks for this information. I will certainly look it up.


Can't wait to look into this. Thanks.


Exercise had truly improved my life. I move much slower and have leg problems when not exercising.

I am blessed with a neighbor who comes over, almost daily and we exercise together.

I have an Xbox Connect and a walking DVD we do together. Alternating between the two is helpful.


Bravo everybody!


This is my new passion, also. Tai chi, yoga, just move. Thanks.


My daughter gave me this DVD: which has both standing and sitting Tai Chi exercises. I have serious balance problems, so the seated version works well for me.

Here's another source that has both standing and seated Tai Chi DVDs:


I'm so fortunate to be in NyC and have the PD exercise program at the JCC started by Dr. DiRocco of NYU Movement Center. Hope every locale will have this soon!!!!


Agreed, my experience is same & thank you.


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