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IF balance problem is from PD will Sinemet help?


Third sunday in a row I put on my 25# back pack and walked on the half-mile asphalt track surrounding the rec center. The first time I walked for three hours before having balance problems. The second time the balance problem started after two hours. Today the balance problem started after one hour. I took the backpack off and walked a lap without it. Not much improvement without the extra weight. Then I gave up and went into the rec center to use the sauna. Would Sinemet help my balance? I stopped using it because of tiredness. But we've just signed the deal to sell my practice. IF I'm not working I can sit on my couch and be dizzy while the cat and I watch TV.

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Excessive stress regardless of its origin: physical stress (such as extreme exercise routines as you described in this post and previously) or emotional stress or psychological stress, are very well known negatives for most PD patients that will manifest itself in a variety of different ways depending on the level of stress and the individual.

Chronic stress (continuous) is especially negative for anyone with a neurodegenerative disease such as PD. Something any PD individual should control as much as possible.


I doubt if Sinemet will help, but if it does it will only be temporarily. Rather start doing something that will help you, and continue to help you. Look at my website - reverseparkinsons.net and contact me. It will cost you nothing!

When you lose your balance which way do you fall?

kaypeeoh in reply to Sugarbear67

I'm not falling but the urge is to bend backwards.

ion_ion in reply to kaypeeoh

HDT solved all non-motors symptoms for me including urinary urgency, balance, anxiety, constipation, insomnia, depression etc.

AmyLindy in reply to ion_ion

Wow! Great. Coincidentally, I’m trying to discern if it (or Mannitol) is contributing to my recent onset of “urinary urgency”. So annoying!

My balance was solved by HDT.

cmichie in reply to ion_ion

How much did you take my husband B12 was very high they said not take b1

ion_ion in reply to cmichie

I started in March 2018 1g/morning and 1g/afternoon for one year and went down to 1g at noon now. Dxd in January 2017.

The ability to maintain one's balance depends on several factors. One is perception – proprioception of how your body is arranged, plus perception of your orientation provided by the balance organs of the inner year. Another factor is motor ability – being able to control your musculature as needed to keep yourself on your feet.

You mentioned dizziness and you also mentioned the tendency to fall backward. I would like to know more details about is going on before venturing any opinion as to what to do about it.

I maintain my ability to balance by aggressively challenging myself in various ways - one way is by trying to put on or take off shoes, socks or pants while standing up unsupported.

B1 solved most of my balance problems. I also do balance exercises like standing on one leg etc.

pmh18623 in reply to Goldencbc

Over Christmas I met a retired physician at a party. She suggested standing on one leg while brushing teeth as a balance exercise. Built into an ongoing habit it will become routine. Way easier for me than trying to remember to do the exercise as prescribed by PT.

kaypeeoh in reply to pmh18623

At the gym I do overhead lifts with a barbell. I lift with the right hand while holding up the left leg then reverse.

pmh18623 in reply to kaypeeoh

OMG! You are light-years ahead of me. Fantastic!

I also have a balance problem, I am going to an exercise physiologist and the exercises are really helping, I do have to use a stick though if I am walking any distance.

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