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If you take Azilect, read this


I have had a cold now for 10 days. Last night I developed a bad cough, so I took some Dextromethorphan caps that I have in the house. Previously I had been prescribed Azilect, but my insurance denied to authorize payment. Thank G-d. This morning, I checked Dextromethorphan on the internet (I'm a retired nurse), and found out that there is a LIFE THREATENING interaction between Dextromethorphan and MAO inhibitors like Azilect. If you are on this medication check your cold remedies very carefully - read the label and make sure it does not contain Dextromethorphan.

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Thanks for the info-Nuedexta ,prescribed by neurologist, also contains dextromethorphan

Something that works for me.

Plain Mucinex does wonders for a cold. Have to read the box since they also combine it with a decongestant and or an expectorant.

Liquid zinc helps to get over your cold. A good one is zinc from the v i m e r g y. Com. They both work.

Lots of things you can’t take if you are taking azilect, but a good reminder to always check.

I’ve risked the blue cheese interaction and survived. Life on the edge!

I take Azilect too. My movement specialist (Dr Yassar Torres-Yaghi) recommended a version of Robutussin without the dextromethorphan. Glad it did not kill you. I took zyrtek which I did not realize is also not safe and slept almost an entire day.

Thank goodness for the manufacturers who put the warnings on the label. The CVS pharmacist in Takoma DC sold similar pills to my wife which would have killed me if I had not read the box.

The food interactions are not super dangerous for most people because as an MAO-B it only has 1/17 of the interaction of an MAO-A with tyramine. I love pickled herring which is firmly on the no-eat list but has not killed me yet.

Glad you are alive also. Lesson learned - always read the box, and do your research.

The dosage (1 mg) is also extremely low. I don't worry about the food interactions and azilect anymore after being on it for three years.

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