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Azilect (Rasagiline)


Hi all!

Does anyone have any kind of opinion or history on taking Azilect (Rasagiline)?

Any info would be great. Thanks.

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I’ve taken it for 6 years. When I run out I feel shakier than usual. Combined with Rytary ( C/L c/r ) it’s a smooth ride when I’m consistent.

MissRita in reply to parkylot

Nice! I’m taking 25/100 Sinemet right now. I’m hoping that this new combo will be ok Thx!

sue2000web in reply to MissRita

I am on simenet rasagiline and rotigotine patches. All good. No side effects. Good luck x

I've taken it for at least 12 yrs and haven't had problems with it. My neurologist thought it might slow the progression. I've had Parkinson's for 17 years I'm still doing fairly well so it might have helped.

MissRita in reply to laglag

Wow awesome!

Rocke in reply to MissRita

I've been taking it for over 7 years. Still stage 1. Started C/L after 5 years

pmmargo in reply to Rocke

I am at 8 years and have been on rasagiline for the last 4 or so. My doctor and I both think it has slowed the progress of the disease. Sorry no proof.

I was on it for 2years nothing remarkable to report

I have been taking it for a few months now ... I was prescribed it 4 years ago but diddnt take it then as I felt no benefit , but I never knew it takes weeks to start working ... having said that , I still cant tell if its doing anything

I’ve taken it for eleven years and doing well. I don’t know how much that might be due to Azilect if any!

My husband has taken the earlier version Selegiline for 26 years and would not be without it. He has never suffered with depression associated with PD and puts it down to this.

After almost 7 yrs diagnosed, and increasing unreliability of levodopa during the second half of the day I'm just about to start on this, so really helpful to hear people's experiences.

I have been taking Rasiligine (Azilect) along with Pramipexole for about six months. I was prescribed a year ago but resisted adding another drug . On my last visit to the neurologist, he insisted that I begin taking it. I have noticed that my tremor has all but disappeared except when I’m cold or stressed. Could be due to that or to HD vitamin B1 that I started around the same time. I also take other supplements and a couple of naturopathic remedies. I’m doing pretty well I think four years from DX.

MissRita in reply to 134A

Thank you so much for the information. I’m going to be picking up the prescription this week. I’m hoping I get some kind of relief because everything I’ve tried so far seems to make the tremor worse.

134A in reply to MissRita

Hope it works for you 😀

Sorry RitaSee my post above

For the folks that have taken this medication, do you take levo/carbidopa as well or is this something that you take a loan?

Azilect was the first medication I was prescribed and after only a few months I had to stop taking it as it was making me feel really sick (it made me almost disable. Couldn't shower, get dressed, move around, etc without help). Now I take c/l and selegiline, doing fine so far.

MissRita in reply to Giovi1960

Isn’t that the same thing as Azilect?

Giovi1960 in reply to MissRita

I had to google your question as I wasn't sure 😀. Here is a link I found about both meds:

MissRita in reply to Giovi1960


I’ve taken for 5 years since diagnoses. Also taking increasing amounts of madapor. Progression slow until recently when falling and freezing at tennis is messing up my life.Still working etc

MissRita in reply to Astra7

Thanks! This is my third try at additional meds to go along with LC. I feel like I’ll never find a balance. Sometimes I wonder if it’s something else. Le sigh 😌

Ley0 in reply to MissRita

I am like you. I keep trying meds. I’m starting Azilect next. I hope it goes well for you.

MissRita in reply to Ley0

Same! I will keep you updated as well.

Astra7 in reply to MissRita

6 months ago I also started pramipexole. Not sure if it’s helping- suspiciously close to when I started freezing/falling at tennis.What else have you tried?

MissRita in reply to Astra7

Neupro and Amantadine. I just started LC/CR and XR this year after using Mucuna since 2016, but had to stop due to projectile vomiting and gastric issues.

The problem my body has is that I don’t do well with stimulants and my tremors stem from the spasmodic contractions in my large/small intestine. Anything related to movement in the Vagus nerve and enteric nerves do a number on me.

The odd thing is that whatever I’ve been given does the EXACT OPPOSITE of what it says it’s supposed to do.

Neupro and Amantadine were like the BEST for my ADHD and concentration! Loved them for that but other than that the SE’s were heinous.

The other is I wake up every morning starving as if I have low blood sugar or DB1/2, which I don’t. But, I do have a ton of symptoms related idiopathic postprondial syndrome.

My Dr is still figuring out what my body can/cannot handle.

Additionally even cannabis makes me tremor lol so it’s an uphill battle! Le sigh 😔

Astra7 in reply to MissRita

If you’ve been vomiting a lot perhaps your gut bacteria is probably out of whack.You could do some faecal testing or just try a few probiotics like Mutaflora for a while to see if it helps.

MissRita in reply to Astra7

Probiotics are my life! Lol for many years ;)

Astra7 in reply to MissRita

Back to the drawing board....

I am on Cl 25/100 since 2018 DX and my Movement Disorder specialist put me on Rasagaline 7 months later, saying it might help a little but not too expect much. It’s hard to describe but it made me feel a lot better (sorry I’m not being more specific). I feel like it helped me overall vs. just some symptoms. 3 years in you would not know I have PD by meeting me but it could be that my PD is a slow progressing one and not because of the rasagaline.

I've been taking it for over a year-and-a-haf; no issues, no side effects.

Good to hear!

Hi,In fact, my Dr prescribed Rasageline recently, but, because of the “severe” reaction of this medication as per the med note I had from the drug store, it claims that severe reaction could happen taking Rasageline with the following food ; old cheese, (ferment), charcuterie, beer, shrimp, red wine,... should be avoided !!!!!

If anyone heard or experienced that to please comment.

I am on Apo Levocarb 100/25 x 4 times daily plus 2x Amantadine.

Thanks and all the best

Joe S

MissRita in reply to Joesephsol

Thanks Joe. I tried amantadine and it was heinous for me. I had so many side effects and I just couldn’t handle it.

Astra7 in reply to Joesephsol

I eat blue cheese, beer, shrimp etc on azilect. Didn’t seem to have a negative effect.

MissRita in reply to Astra7

I have read in many articles that that is a side effect for some people in terms of not being able to tolerate dairy or certain proteins on this medication.

Astra7 in reply to MissRita

I think it can mess with blood pressure, but some times I like living on the edge!!

MissRita in reply to Astra7


Hi there, I’ve been on Azilect for 9 years , also cd/ld and Comtan. The side effect from Azilect was that it made me tired. The combo of them all makes my stomach a little uneasy but nothing I can’t handle. My body was very fatigued so I’ve been on Modafinil as well. 1/2 tab in the morning. Hope all works out for you but as we all know, every one is different. Take care. Karen

MissRita in reply to Kwinholt


Started on Rasagiline. Felt nothing but a headache.

On 4th Day or Rasagiline today. Definitely noticed an improvement in symptoms yesterday. Was still able to play the piano in what on previous days would have been a big off time. Also slept the best for a long time yesterday. Hoping it isn't all placebo effect, but I'll take whatever I can get!

MissRita in reply to buzbyc

Great to hear. I’m picking up my prescription today.


On my second day with this medicine and quite frankly I’m not sure what I’m supposed to feel? Is it supposed to happen right away or is this a stacker type of medication?

I took Azilect for more than 4 years and had to urinate very frequently. I stopped taking it and don’t have this problem anymore.....

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