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Best Forms Of Magnesium I Have Ever Tried!


I have been taking Aximagnesio (300 mg) with my morning Thiamine dose for about 9 months. I have also tested a verity of different magnesium salts but recently started taking another one called MagTech which as its manufactures claims "highest quality magnesium complex on the planet featuring three types of magnesium known to have the highest absorption rates, each with unique biological effects: L-Threonate, Taurate, and Glycinate.Research suggests that the magnesium-l-threonate in MagTech is the only form of magnesium proven to cross the blood-brain barrier."

I think MagTech is the best magnesium I ever tried in-terms of relaxation and supporting quality sleep and cognitive performance.

I take 300 mg Aximagnesio in the morning and 1 serving of MagTech at bed time and quite happy with the results.

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Hi Kia, where do you get the MagTech from..??

Kia17 in reply to dadcor

Hi, I get it from Amazon.I only take 1 serving (3 capsules) of MagTech at bedtime and a bottle of 90 capsules last for a month.

Hi Kia, my husband is taking same as you (three different types of mag), but it's by "Peak Performance." I believe the combination is a winner. :)

Kia17 in reply to Despe

Hi Despe


thanks Kia...will give it a try



I'm currently using magnesium taurate and magnesium l-threonate and mag oil and find the combination of these three to be useful!


Please excuse my ignorance, but how exactly does it help?

sunvox in reply to jimcaster

There is evidence it helps mitochondrial survival and promotes autophagy and enhances cognition. Basically it is a necessary molecule for cellular activity and it appears that folks with neurological disorders end up having too little so perhaps a supplement can help bring Mg levels up to "healthy" levels.

Does it help Tremor

Kia17 in reply to Rosabellazita


I have no tremors so cannot comment on that.

Nothing works for tremors except alcohol,cocaine and other psychedelic medicine which are sadly banned as the Government and Pharmaceutical companies wants you to suffer as they have Billions invested in other useless drugs.

Hi Kia,

Wondering about the reason to take both Aximagnesio and Mag Tech. Does the Mag Tech make you feel sleepy? Also, it seems that the Aximagnesio from Pegaso, appears to not be available to ship to California. Wondering if anyone has received it here in the US? Is there another way to get it? Another question, how much B6 does Aximagnesio have in it? Does it interfere with or help with your Sinemet taking?

Kia17 in reply to RedwoodPark

Hi RedwoodPark

I have been advised by Dr Costantini to take Aximagnesio in the morning for a better effectiveness of the Thiamine. MagTech cross the BBB as it’s manufacturer claims and I take it for a better cognition.

Aximagnesio deliver to the UK not sure about the US.

Each Aximagnesio capsule has 150mg magnesium and 1mg B6 so the B6 there isnot significant.

gaga1958 in reply to Kia17

Hi Kia17,

Dr C just last night emailed me about magnesium and told me to take it from Lifelong--Magnesium 188. I'm confused about which brand to buy now if you're saying he says Aximagnesio. I could not see a label on the Lifelong web page to see which types of magnesium it contains.

Also, when taking magnesium don't we need to take potassium together with it also to not become off balanced?


Kia17 in reply to gaga1958

Hi Chris

I think better to contact Dr Costantini for his advice and ask for Aximagnesio if he would recommend.


gaga1958 in reply to Kia17

I could but I find it difficult to communicate precisely with the translator web site. there is always communication discrepancies. example--I reminded him I am taking B1, 5 days @ 2000mg and 2 days @ 3000mg. He replied to continue with my 2000mg dose. Does that mean do all 7 days at 2000 or is it a translation issue? I just don't trust the translation site to get things accurate.

thanks anyway Chris :)

Kia17 in reply to gaga1958


Dr Trevi or Marco ( Dr Costantini’s assistants) know English. You can ask for your email to be read and replied by them after Dr advice.

Beanie57 in reply to gaga1958

Hi Chriz. Searching the site at present due to Dr C sadly currently being unavailable and wondering if you got a reply re the type and dose of Magnesium.

I’m currently looking at this for my sister who is currently taking 500mg daily on Dr C HDT protocol following his advise to reduce from 1gm daily but now worsening of lethargy.

gaga1958 in reply to Beanie57

hi beanie57,

I did email dr c about it and nothing. then I emailed his English speaking assistant and he responded that he would ask dr c and get back to me but he did not. I then reminded him and he stated he had asked dr c who said he would reply but again he did not and that he would ask again but no one ever did respond. I also email the mag company website but no reply. sorry, I gave up on it then, i'm still mot taking mag

You might want to read tge book: The Magnesium Miracle by Dr. Carolyn Dean

She developed a form of magnesium to where tge molecules are in a picometer form so everything us absorbed by the cells.

It has helped my husbsnd in his PD. No more "sinemet glow" in his expression as well as hypomimia where he pulls his labial musckes unknowingly and gives him an apoearabce if smiling when he is not. Better sleep as well.

You can buy it as ReMag on Amazon

Thanks Kia, I’ll be getting some for sure!😊

Hi Kia17.

Just wondering if you are still on the same regime and wondering do you take the Aximagnesio in the morning for energy and then the Magtech for relaxation in the evening. For someone trying this for the first time, which would you recommend trying first for inner jitters but also lethergy.

Thanks Janet

Kia17 in reply to Beanie57

Hi Janet

I take 300mg Aximagnesio in the morning and 1 serving of MagTech at bed time. The Aximagnesio helps better Thiamine absorption, gut health , relaxation and Magtech is a “brain health magnesium “ helps better cognition and relaxation.

Beanie57 in reply to Kia17

Thank you very much for your very prompt reply. My sister is going to give Magtech a try.

Hi Redwood

I take Aximagnesio in the morning and Magtech before bedtime.Aximagnesio has different types of magnesium.

I think each capsule has 1mg of B6.

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