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Madopar instead of Sinemet


Hi Everyone

Has anyone changed their Sinemet for Madopar?

My friend currently takes one Madopar in the morning and 4 x Sinemet during the day but is'nt getting much relieve from the Sinemet like she used to ( diagnosed for 5 years)

She also takes 1 x Opicapone in the evening

She seems to be getting a better response from the Madopar so the question is

Can she take Madopar instead of Sinemet for all her daily doses?

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Yes of course. I have been on Madopar only for 13 years. My daily dose varies. Depends on when I take the first. If I sleep in I start later and probably have 6 by the end of the day. I strive for no more than that but doesn’t always work out. Take 2 Madopar ER when I go to bed.

The strength is 125 mg.

Also take 1 Sifrol ER in the morning.

Had a good day today with 5 hours between 2nd and 3rd doses. Still ‘on’ at 7 pm which is better than most days. I go to bed about 9 . I would like to be able to do this every day. It all depends I think, on my food intake and lack of stress. Watched it carefully today.

Take care


Hi Bridielina

Thank you for your info, I’ll let her know


Yes, it should be ok. I was taking Sinemet and changed my medicine to Madopar, it was not difficult for me. God Bless you

Seashore60 in reply to october61

I’m glad it’s been ok for you, Many Thanks for your Info Take Care

october61 in reply to Seashore60

Madopar has become less effective for me since I started taking it (5 years ago), I am experiencing side effects. I understand that this is not unusual, my Doctor has suggested to try “Sifrol Extended Release”.

Take care too

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