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Auto Accident


I was involved in a serious auto accident about six weeks ago. The car was totaled and I cut a telephone pole in half. (I saw them replacing it the next day). I thought I was all right except for the expected whiplash. However, the whiplash is getting worse and I cannot get an appointment with the chiropractor for another three weeks. Aside from that, immediately after the accident I began to have consistent tremors in my right leg. I have had tremors in my right arm/hand for a few years, but never in my leg. My balance has also been affected but I don't know if this is from the spinal and back whiplash injury

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I DO I do believe it is whiplash related. i recommend seeing an Nucca chiropractor. this is a special type of chiropractic. not a snap and crack type. i have done this and it sounds like your C1 or Atlas in your spine is off from the accident. when you have any sort of trauma to the neck, it affects everything. even the legs. i know about this bc i have experienced this . good luck to you and know that you are going to get better!

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