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Looking for a Video about PD from this morning which was posted on HealthUnlocked

Hi everyone,

Earlier today I saw a video clip on my phone of a professor or Doctor talking on medication and PD problems, and decided to watch later in day on my laptop rather than phone, NOW typically, I can't think where it was on HealthUnlocked.

Can anyone tell me the link pleas??. He started off talking about how everyone has the conception that after 5 years or so the meds will not work, so people hold back on them till they have to take them. He says the meds work but it is the PD that gets worse in some cases etc etc, so I wanted to watch the rest of the talk, I will keep searching for the video BUT if anyone can help, be very grateful.


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Search Doc Fahn


OK thanks, will do that name rings a bell thanku


Found it and a few more, many this x


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