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Gorilla Shoes

I've had problems with left side toe curling and foot cramping when I exercise, intermittent but very annoying when it happens because I have to stop to stretch my foot out which interferes with getting a good workout. An acquaintance with PD told me that he is helped by walking barefoot or in flip flops, but I can't do that in Oakland in 50 degree weather or on the muddy trails this time of year. So I got myself a pair of purple shoes with separated toes. The soles are sturdy enough to walk on trails and cement, but thin and flexible enough to feel the ground through them and allow my feet to move naturally. After two days using them, I can say that so far they're a great help. I walked around Lake Merritt, 50 minutes, with NO toe curling, and today hiked for an hour and a half with no issues. The sensation of walking in these shoes is pleasurable for me, kind of like getting a foot massage. UUUUUGGGGGGLLLLLYYYYY but GOOD!

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Hi that sounds similar to what I get ... I think it is Dystonia . I found that singing with my headphones on unclenched my feet when both feet locked up the other evening . I went from not being able to walk to running ! I will look for those purple shoes .


Mine are Vibram trail shoes. I've been walking to 120bpm music and that helps me. I'll try singing. I do find that there's a relationship to where I place my attention but it's subtle.


I've read that Basil oil can help.


Also try magnesium, probably citrate, to help relax muscles. Also always electrolytes.... we use PureCaps, one of the few companies which makes adult version.


Yes, I use magnesium daily, but not electrolytes. Will try.


A bear in gorilla shoes, now that would be a sight!

I am fortunate in having desert sand to walk on.


lol! These are in my Amazon cart. I have also read they help so I will use them for Nordic walking. Thanks for the input, glad to know it is true that they help. I love this forum!

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