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Shoe problem

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Was diagnosed in July and take sinemet twice daily.I have a tremor in right arm which is barely noticeable now.However I do drag my foot sometimes on same side.Recently my Clark's shoe on that foot has become too big! Its slipping off me.I bought another pair and same thing happens when I walk.Anyone else have this problem?

On a happier note had my 6 month check with Neurologist and he's really happy with me.He's talking about reducing my dose if im same in 6 months

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I am certainly not a neuro, but after 11 years on every PD drug western medicine offers and there side effects, I would wonder why reducing your meds is a good thing if you're tolerating them well and things are working?....... Just a thought!

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Kaykaykay123 in reply to Pelley

I agree with you.I'm currently living overseas but I'm moving back to UK in July so will see a Nuero there

I am on sinemet three times daily ( 25x 100) nothing else, my walk, energy levels and balance have deteriorated over past few months, I often wonder about this medication. am due a visit to my Neuro soon. ( six monthly )

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I started on Sinemet 12.5/50 3 times a day and went from total exhaustion to feeling like the Duracell bunny, but after 6 months started to deteriorate. A new neuro deemed me to be undermedicated. So I increased meds to 25/100 3 times daily and sure enough find my walk, and energy levels have improved greatly (along now with no noticeable tremor, no anxiety etc). My balance is still poor and my neurologist has stated that I won't get it back. However, with balance exercises I have noticed a huge improvement. Being aware of when I used to fall and being more careful e.g. On standing or turning I have also only hit the ground once in this past 6 months.

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ramondo4 in reply to Jeansm

Thanks Jeansm will join balance club.

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Mjm012649 in reply to ramondo4

My husband has similar symptoms ... walking, energy levels, cognitive and balance have all declined in the last few months. We are so hesitant to increase C/L 25/100 because of long term side effects. But maybe we should? He is on HD thiamine of 500 mg once daily. He also takes .05 rasagiline.

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RoyProp in reply to Mjm012649

Dear Mj,How you getting along with B1?

Landing the foot heal toe, rather than dragging, can be addressed by Physical Therapy.


I have noticed a slight dragging of my left foot which is my affected side. I can deal with it by using the "toes up" method of walking. More problematic is the toe curling on that foot. I can no longer wear my cute ballet flats; must wear a shoe that supports the top of the foot or the shoe falls off. I did fall in the street about two years ago when I tripped over an uneven spot wearing a flimsy shoe. So far I am on Azilect only. Will be starting a balance class in addition to other classes (yoga, aerobics, qigong and Pilates). As a PWP stopping the progression is now my full time job since retirement. I am soon turning 70.

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Kaykaykay123 in reply to Lionore

What shoes would you recommend?

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Lionore in reply to Kaykaykay123

I cannot speak for anyone else, Kay, but in general more support is better. Most of the time I wear sneakers since I am at the gym almost daily. In bad weather I wear boots that have good tread on the bottom. Sandals need to have supportive straps across the top of the foot and a real heel or sturdy strap that does not slip off. No mules or slides! And no high heels, even for a wedding. You can find attractive shoes that don't scream "old lady" at DSW or any good store.

Everyone is different so you might want to consult with your doctor to see what he recommends.

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Kaykaykay123 in reply to Lionore

Thanks so much for that info.I find boots easier to walk in definatly

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Jeansm in reply to Kaykaykay123

I have a tendency to fall backwards, so for me a small heel is a must. Lifting my heel seems to help my balance.

Would you mind explaining the KKK in your name

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Kaykaykay123 in reply to

Just a made up user name.My name is Kay Katrina

I have been a lifelong "shoe person" and LOVE cute shoes. Now with my pal Parky I have hammertoes and a slow gait. My cute shoes have resulted in bunions. So I'm constantly on the hunt for comfort which is sometimes hit and miss. My PT suggested flat shoes that are NOT slip ons. Fully formed around the foot. So far I'm OK with Skechers with foam. And Aragon brand ladies that are orthopaedic. Maybe now I can enjoy more shoes! Just another challenge.

I don't have Parkinson's but I do have bunions and hammertoes one doctor was going to fix them and I let her attempt on my right foot and she pulled the full nerve out of my second toe now I have no feeling in it it gets a real thick fungus under the nail it swells up and is completely dry with no feeling don't let anyone straighten those toes out

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Smittybear7 in reply to rsears57

Massage therapy and chiropractic and chiropractic adjustments help with toe curling and cramping

Check out Zebra shoes.

When I first started getting symptoms one of the worst was the dystonia in my toes on my right foot. I think I wore the same pair of shoes for at least a year because they were the only ones that I could tolerate, lace up Oboz. I have since found some very cute shoes made by Jambu on Amazon and I'm so grateful to not have to wear the same darn pair of shoes all the time.

Hope that continues for you. Are you on any meds and or supplements?

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