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Liquid Sinemet

My doctor prescribed me to take Sinemet and Comtan every 2 hours, but I am afraid to have dyskinesia because it just sinemet over 13 pills + sinemet ER at night. I already have dyskinesia, but not all the time. I understand that to take every 2 hours sinemet it no time to have a meal. Has anybody tried to make liquid sinemet and how does it work?

thank you so much,


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What strength Sinemet are you taking. Every 2 hours seems a little too often. The Comtan should make it last at least 3 hours. If you already take sinemet er at night why not take it during the day instead of sinemet + Comtan all comtan is a extender making it the same thing. The comtan does not work for every one it did not work for me but Sinemet er does. If it works for you at night i would ask my doctor if i could try it during the day. Your doctor is making his best guess and he can be wrong. Keep a diary of how your meds work. Try what your DR. prescribed but don't except it as the best for you. Sorry can''t answer your question. How often do you have dyskinesia and when.


HI Bailey,

Thank you so much for your reply. It is very helpful. I did not know that Comtan does mot work for everyone. I have dyskinesia if I am tired and under the stress. Trying to reduce a little Comtan to reduce dyskinesia. I will ask my Dr. about Sinemet ER. Thank you so much for good advice!!


I take sinemet every 2 hours

If/when the dyskinesia gets too bad

I'll take Amantadine or for more immediate relief, 1:1 ration of thc/cbd vape ( I'm in nys... legal MM).

My pharmacist suggest I talk to my dr about an ER/CR sinemet , then just take a regular sinemet as needed.

Sounds logical to me....

It seems all I do is medicate or think about medicating !

Hope this helps

Be well



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