Parkinson's Movement

Getting Ready

I believe that the time is drawing near for a cure to Parkinsons Disease. The challenge is to prepare for that day, to get ready. In our daily actions and daily beliefs.

No more labels to responses like "woe is me" that deepen our malaise. Rather, I'm getting Ready.

Today I began to get ready my coordination skills. I am carrying a ball. I will shift the ball in midair from the throwing to the catching hand. As the ball is in the air I will have a smile on my face because I am getting ready for the greatest moment of my life.

Join me.


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Hi Fjohn,

I hope you are right. Have I missed something? Where or from what do you think this the cure is coming from?

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Do you know I feel the same and the solution is staring us in the face!

Eh let's hope we are right.

Praise our maker whoever they are !

Hoping before it goes worse


Also recently I have uped my meds.but not the answer yesterday took enough tablets to enable a stone statue to move to no effect.

Back to my theory take a little more ofter for the brain seems to adapt better to that ! Take 1/2 25/100 sine met every hour -- better for longer.


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