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Getting Amantadine from the country that does not zvailable

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Good morning everyone

Greeting from Myanmar. I am 43 , from Myanmar. I have PD for 10 years. I found dyskinesia appeared after 9 years of PD .After reading many PD group understand Amantadine can help for dyskinesia. But the problem is Amantadine is not available in our country. Can someone give me some advise on how to get this medicine?

Many thanks,


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"Parkinson's disease" Vitamin B1 use instructions : Join my Facebook group Parkinson’s thiamine hcl

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nlaung in reply to RoyProp

Roy i have already join the group years ago.Still adjusting the dose.

Required Reading Book List for Advocates of their own health.

Number One:

“The New Parkinson’s Disease Treatment Book” Second Edition, 2015

Dr. Eric Ahlskog, 30 yrs experience

Chair of Movement Disorders

Mayo Clinic

You should be able to find Amantadine across the border in Thailand.

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nlaung in reply to PDConscience

Thank you for your reply.

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janers in reply to nlaung

I didn’t find amantadine to be helpful for dyskinesia. And I developed a bad cramp in my foot which went away when I stopped taking it. I have extra I don’t mind mailing to you if you want to try it. Please message me personally

I looked at this question in a different way. Why do you want to take amantadine and is there an alternative therapy to get the same benefits in a different way?

It seems that you want to take amantadine to reduce dyskinesia. If this is levodopa induced dyskinesia, as a first step, you may want to discuss with your doctor whether the size of the fluctuations of your levodopa levels in plasma can be reduced just by an adjustment to your present regimen. (time of dose, size of dose).

If that doesn't work consider a dopamine agonist.

Jenner writes:

"Long-acting dopamine agonists providing continuous, rather than pulsatile, dopaminergic stimulation appear able to avoid dyskinesia induction. "

For instance, you could discuss with your doctor adding ropinirole to your regimen, reducing your levodopa accordingly.

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ion_ion in reply to johntPM

dopamine agonists!? I would stay away of them. The sides effects are ugly.

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nlaung in reply to johntPM

Hello JohntPM,Hello Janers,

Thank you for your time responding my question.

Currently I am taking Syndopa275(C=25 and L=250) 1 tabs, 5 times and 1 tabs Syndopa CR250(control release) at bed time together with Ropark 0.5 (dopamine agonists) 3 times and 2 tabs of 50 mg Juline. For the last a few months I am getting less ON times. For example If i take the Meds at 7am , wait for 30 to work and I am totally OFF at at 9AM. I get only 1hr and 30 most ON time for one dose. And start having more dyskinesia now. Doctor is giving up after trying many ways. So I want to take amantadine to see if dyskinesia reduce. Unfortunately This is not available in my country.

Any suggestion from anyone are welcome.

The theory is that there are three states that you can be in according to your levodopa equivalent plasma levels:- "off"

- "on"

- dyskinetic.

You take a dose and this takes about an hour to become fully absorbed. During this period your plasma levels increase. At first this makes no difference. Then you cross the "on" threshold and things are good. Unfortunately as absorption continues you may go too far and cross the dyskinetic threshold, Things are reversed on the way down.

As your PD progresses, the therapuetic window narrows. But you may be able to tweak your regimen to maximize the time "on", while reducing the time dyskinetic.

I've written an app to show what is going on:

You will need to translate the names of the drugs that you take to those used in the app, which are those most commonly used in the UK.

ion_ion is right to warn about the dangers of dopamine agonists for some people. But these have got to be weighed against the advantages. The decision of whether or not to take them varies from person to person. And should be discussed with your doctor.

Incidently, I am 16 years post diagnosis, I am on 5x75 mg Stalevo, 8 mg ropinirole, 1 mg rasagiline. There is no dyskinesia or compulsive/impulsive behaviour.

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