My experiments with supplements

My experiments with supplements

Hi I am new her but not new to Parkinson’s ,I was diagnosed 7 years back but I was suffering from symptoms many years before that .

In my country United Arab Emirates the vast majority of people doesn’t know much about PD they think it’s a little bit of shaking which is not a big deal , my friends , coworkers and family think that I am pretending sickness because sometimes they see me doing fine when I take my medications.

I don’t want to bother you with my story and to make it short I tried to manage PD and cure myself in every possible way.

I experimented almost everything came to my knowledge and mind including supplements except DBS and spent a lot of money for that almost all my savings.

I did stem cells, Ayurveda, herbal medicine, energy therapy, Chinese medicine, acupuncture, Nilotinib and ext.

But lately I think I got some positive response from my experiments.

I reduced my medication to the half, and they are working for longer periods, my dyskinesia improved my sleep is better and I can drive again my facial expirations is normal, my cognitive and memory are much better and still improving many thanks to silvestrov posts on this forum and others .

I am taking now only:

450Mg Sentiment every day divided into 3 times (250+25Mg one time and 2 times 100+25mg)

Neupro patches 6mg


Xanthahumol morning only

Baicalin before sleeping only.

Glutathione Nebulizer


Green Barely juice

Trevo fruit drink

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  • Please send me your email I would like to contact you

  • I am assuming that you are using the nebulizer with glutathion. How do you do it? I am using it in the nasal spray bottle

  • yes i use it with a small device, you can buy it from pharmacies or any drug store .

  • So how much do you put in and how long do you use it for. Are different brands glutathione easier to dissolve. I do see the little nebulizer on eBay for about $25. I did take glutathione in liquid pill and sublingual form and that never seemed to do anything so I started spray bottle it seems like I'm feeling better

  • i pot 10 drops in the device and press a bottom and inhale it .

    i use it every day for almost 3 months until now .

  • I see the page you linked to has two different products intended for nebulizer use, GlutaGenesis and GlutaStat. which one are you using?

  • I am using the GlutaGenesis

  • What is the nebulizer w/ glutathione for?

  • 2 - 3 days ago I forwarded a study. if u search glutathion it should be here. glutathion helps with symptms and we're low on glutathione. With intranasal application it crosses the brain barrier. That is what the study said.

  • Inhaled for better absorption of Glutathione .

    Glutathione is powerful antioxidant activity protects the brain from free radical damage ,its made in the body and used in every cell ,some scientist believe that Glutathione may improve some of the symptoms of Parkinson's disease .

    Here how to Use Oral Glutathione in a Nebulizer:

  • Very interesting, Jaber, and thank you for sharing. Can you tell us a little bit more about the three supplements you have found helpful? Also, I am curious about your experience with nilotinib.

  • you can find more about the supplements in the following links




    I tried nilotinib (tasigna 150mg) for 4 months the only improvement was in sleep and cognitive issues and stopped it because of difficulty in breathing .

  • These all look good. I found the xanthahumol here:

    The study you linked to for baicaline is actually for baicalein - both of these are different extracts of skullcap available from Powder City. The baicalein is more expensive and according to the study is the one to use. Which is the one that you use?

    Are you getting the glutathione via IV?

    Sorry for all the questions, but as I said, these look good.

  • Sorry its a spelling mistake

    i use these two products

    glutathion nebulizer

  • I am glad to see I am not the only person who has discovered S. baicalensis. I use pure baicalin and here is a good article about of S. baicalensis:

    Raising glutathione levels is a no-brainer and I use the precursors NAC, alpha lipoic acid, acetyl l carnitine, milk thistle and theanine.

    I searched for a natural alternative to nilotinib and found xanthohumol:

    I am certain it is much safer than nilotimib and am wondering what difference you felt after taking xanthohumol? I rotate taking different herbs and will take it in the future.

    Best wishes and keep up the good work. I know from personal experience if you can couple the right vitamin, minerals, herbs....they can have a much greater cumulative effect together than taken in isolation.

  • Was reading this old post between you two and I found a thing interesting to me and would share my levity regarding the Swanson's supplement that you wrote of. "XanthoVital is produced in Germany by the world's leading experts in research and extraction." Germans are purists about food and drink, beer included, of course. Hops for making beer contains Xanthahumol. Germans are experts, of course, at hops and extracting processes." :) I'd say we could trust that the Swanson's product is a fine extract for our purposes. God bless us.

  • Thank you silvestrov

    xanthohumol is a game changing for me thanks to your old posts its really helped , i take it with water first thing in the Morning on empty stomach and i don't take any thing after it for one hour,the result i am getting is better than Nilotinib 150Mg , my medications working for longer hours and i have being able to reduce the sentiment dosage to the half, all my symptoms improved specially the cognitive ones and memory , i feel much better than 4 years back .

  • I am glad to hear someone tried xanthohumol and that was why I posted the information. Any antioxidant which is 200 times stronger than resveratrol needs to be looked at closely. The whole point of this forum is to exchange experiences and look into previously unknown options.....sure xanthohumol has not been thoroughly tested for PD but this does not mean the human body will not respond to taking it. Perhaps xanthohumol will be the new nicotine. Moderately drinking beer reduces the risk for PD just as long term smoking (nicotine) reduces the risk of acquiring PD. And now we have nicotine patches for PD.

    In terms of PD risk reducing behaviour: eating berries twice a week reduces PD risk. Taking 2-3 ibuprofen a week reduces PD risk. Drinking beer moderately reduces PD risk. Long term cigarette smoking reduces PD risk. The risk reduction study I am most interested in is black tea. Singapore researchers studied 63,000 people of Chinese descent and found that drinking 6 cups of black tea a week reduces PD risk by 71%:

    The original study:

    The fascinating and confounding factor in this equation is drinking green tea did not have an inverse relationship with PD. Consider that all the components of green tea have been shown to be neuroprotective in PD models: quercetin, EGCG, caffeine, kaempferol, myricetin, theanine, rutin.... and yet, black tea has the inverse relationship. The mystery of black tea is that the thearubiggin and theabrownin fractions have not been test in PD models (theaflavin has been tested). So the herb I have been taking for years is black tea extract. I have rotated other herbs but not BTE. Here is one important fact about BTE:

    Neuroprotective and neuro rescue effect of black tea extract in 6-hydroxydopamine-lesioned rat model of Parkinson's disease

    When examining nilotinib I was worried about the side effects and wondered if something that potentially toxic can be used as a long term therapy.

    I am glad to hear your condition is improving. Again, keep up the good work!


  • SILVESTROV: being new to PD age 76, what protocol do you suggest for early stage PD? Agonists? MAO inhibitors, Sinemet? Thanks from California

  • This is a complicated question and I will send you a message.

  • I am using Baicalensis for few months now i think its working ,her is a

    Research about baicalein and its roll in inhibiting the fibrillation of alpha-synuclein

  • In my opinion I think S. basicalensis is one of the best herbs for PD (for many reasons)....I actually think it is a better medicinal herb than tumeric. More on this later I worked a 11 hour day and am crashing.

  • Thank you silvestrov .

  • I started using NAC 1200(600+600) mg instead of glutathion it is working better , these three working together ( xanthohumol ,basicalensis and NAC ).

    I traied Ecklonia Cava for one month but look's like Xanthohumol works better as you mentioned in your old post on nilotinib.

  • At work...quick word. Take baicalensis at a different re than NAC. NAC, along with vitamin C are reducing agents and will oxidize baicalensis. I learned this recently. Back to pretending I am working.... ;)

  • Thanks for the tip , really you are a great help in this forum.

  • How much are you taking? I am finding it difficult to source in Australia.

  • Did you improve taking the nilotinib and had you any side affects.. would love to know as my wife was diagnosed with Msa a few months ago . Msa is a form of Parkinson's but unfortunately a lot more progressive. I got nilotinib from India as my neurologist would not prescribe it for her due to safety reasons. I would love to know if anyone else has tried nilotinib. Thanks

  • Skin reactions are common - be aware of that possibility.

  • I used 150 mg , i improved little in sleep and cognitive issues , apart of nausea the first week there was no other side effects .

    I wish i knew a bout Xanthohumol before using Nilotinib because it costs me a lot of money , in my opinion try Xanthohumol firs before using Nilotinib .

  • One new benefit i got from using Xanthohumol is that my vision is improved and no more Blurry or double Vision .

  • An update on my experiments

    I tried to cut my sinemet further but it didn't work , it seems that these supplements have their limitations although I added PQQ+Co Q 10 .

    Maybe I need to wait for longer time before cutting more sinemet or neupro patches , or maybe I need to increase the dosage of some of the supplements or add more supplements I will continue experimenting .

    Apart of that I am still doing great , my condition is stable + good sleep+ good mode and no farther decline it seems that these supplements succeeded to halt my PD progression so far.

  • Be careful with berberine because several studies showed it to have neurotoxic effects in PD models:

  • The following articles show how to optimize EGCG because it is not well absorbed:

    And quercetin because it prevents the methylation of EGCG:

  • Finally I got the right combination of supplements I think this is the best result I achieved until know .

    Thanks to the great people of this forum , I think this combination will work for every one just you need to give it a six weeks time:

    Mannitol 2 Tbs morning

    S-methyl-l-cysteine 1-3 GMs 12 PM mixed with water or juice (dont take it with sinemet).

    MTC oil 2 TBs at 1 PM (don't take it with sinemet).

    Xanthohumol powder 98% one TS mixed with water at 8 pm

    My dystonia gone and my dyskinesia gone and sinemet is working much better I started driving my car again and I m planning to go back to work again in September .

    Who said that Parkinson's is irreversible ....... I don't believe that and I proved it .

    I am much better than 5 years Back .

    Many Thanks to silvestrov , park_bear and Prof. Daniel Sega.

  • That is great news and I am glad you are feeling better. You must be excited and relieved to get back to work. Well done!

  • Yes I am excited and so my family and friends i traveled to the philippines alone last month wich is 9 hours jurney , doing all activities like before having Parkinson's ,

    i have hope now and sure that parkinsons is reversible with supplements ,many thanks to you to introduce Xanthohumol , it is the key for this sucsses just we need to buy a pure powder from china 98% concentration .

  • hi, who is prof.Sega?

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