DBS and/or duodopa pump

is anyone using the duodopa pump? going to the new neurologist today was a walk down DBS lane. he was an excellent doctor but part of the DBS team at university of miami. told me there is a window for the DBS surgery. once you start to freeze or have memory or cognitive problems you are not. i'm not sure it would help me, and honestly, neither was he. short of maybe lowering my pill intake, as far as helping my gi problems, couldn't promise of course. anyway, he also wanted me to consider the duodopa pump. mentioned it was much less invasive, no kidding. any takers? Judy

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  • Here in London I have put 35 people on DD . So e of which chose not to go onto DBS for various reasons and mostly because it was invasive and again because of the GI issues DBS was unlikely to resolve. DD can be reversed if you change your mind. It can help with gut issues and a lot of the non motor symptoms as well and on that you are often just on DD with slow release dopamine at night. It's not really one or the other but what symptoms are you trying to improve and what you are more comfortable with

  • My husband is being considered for the Duodopa pump.

    He has severe constipation problems.

    Are you suggesting that the Duodopa pump can constipation?

  • PD dries out the GI tract from one end to the other.

    In case you haven't already tried it, docusate sodium, known as "stool softener" has made all the difference for me. It is not laxative, merely causes the proper amount of moisture.

  • I guess I'm a little apprehensive about having foreign things anywhere in my body especially my brain. I experience spasms in my left side by my belly and they sometimes wrap around my back. Can be more disabling than the pd. I was thinking from others advice it may just be dystonia or dyskenasia. Is the problem rate with the pump low? Thank you for your obviously professional opinion. Judy

  • Whats a Duodopa Pump ?

    I am not keen to go down the DBS highway.

  • I think isis6361 can give you the best answer.

  • Duodopa goes into the jejenum and is attached to a pump weighing the same as a pint of fluid. It is a continuous I fusion of ldopa running at a dose set by your professional usually 16 hours a day waking hours. It's i vasive but can be reversed. It's a great treatment and would help with abdominal dystonia

  • Ouch!!

    Thank you . I'm still a nervous Nellie.

  • That makes two of us lol

  • The next time I see our Parkinsons nurse I will ask her about it , to explain exactly what she thinks about them and what they help with , will let you know .

    My husband is advanced and she told me too invasive in his case

  • Are you speaking of the dbs or the pump?

  • Sorry the pump .

  • No DBS is not a pump it's like a pacemaker to the brain and entails surgery.

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