Hip pain flare up

I take no meds so the pain is not related to meds. Not a steady pain, just often throughout the day. So painful at times I cannot walk or get in the car. I Searched "hip" on this site. It is somewhat common ache. I have appointment with ortho doc this Friday to discover if there is another cause other than PD. My wife and I are not expecting the ortho doc to know much about PD but maybe he will surprise. I will post an update.

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  • I hope you find an answer or that it goes away as quickly as it came. Good luck!

  • Have you tried Emergen C? It has Vit C, some B vitamins, magnesium & electrolytes.

  • I have not. I have tried TENS Unit with no pain relief.

  • Have it checked out by all means.My orthopedic doctor recommended a high density foam roller for my hip pain. I get on my side and roll from my knee over my hip joint a few times. The MD says this is as effective as PT for the hips. He also says that he is seeing an abundance of hip problems from people who have overused treadmills(which I had done for about 3 years). He told me even if people think they are keeping up, treadmills create an unnatural drag on the hips and it is better for people to walk on their own if possible. My hip issues were not related to my Parkinson's though. Best of luck to you!

  • Never assume all your symptoms are PD related. My husband developed increasing fatigue not long after his PD diagnosis. Neuro could not give us an appointment for over two weeks. He ended up in the ER and CT showed he had multiple pulmonary emboli from a DVT in his leg. Remember to discuss ALL that is going on in your life with all your doctors!

  • Good luck

  • Get a really good chiropractor. I know, I know...a lot of them leave something to be desired but they have their use. It helps loads to be put back into alignment (like your car!) after you have overcompensated in certain parts of your body. If he has a cold laser, so much the better. If he knows how to use kinesio tape, ever betterer as my kids used to say.

  • I recently had pain in my left hip when walking and my local Doctor diagnosed it as bursitis. Had a cortisone injection which has given some relief.

  • Saw the doc today and dx as simple but painful case of bursitis. Nothing to do with my Parkinson's.

  • Try Emergen C for a month. I had pain in my legs & groin last year & a friend recommended it & it helped. After awhile I realized it had helped my bursitis that my doctor diagnosed a few years back. My bursitis mainly flared up in the middle of the night.

  • I concur heartily with this. Since laglag mentioned emergen C some months ago, I have been a devotee. I take it at night and I am considerably less stiff in the mornings. II recently had a short break in Amsterdam and forgot to pack it and the stiffness returned. I'm astonished that something so simple (and cheap) is so effective.

  • Update - I am 69yo. Dx four years earlier. Amantadine for tremors only drug. Started Amantadine long after hip pain started so not med related. Asked my Neurologist. Does not connect PD with my hip pain. Since July I have had fight w/ pain. Two times on course of prednisone after ortho doc and xray saw no problem w/ hip joint, still pain. Wednesday I went for exam by family doc. Prescribed pain meds. Did not work as last night while turning over in bed the pain was so sharp I hollered loudly. Trying today to connect with my family doc and ask for help. Maybe MRi or Cat Scan.

  • Have they checked you for Bursitis of the hip?

  • I see the ortho doc again next month. But my family was talking about this and we think we figured it out. The first visit to the ortho he said it was inflamed. My wife today said the walking exercise I am doing aggravated the joint and that seems to be the answer. I need to let it rest.

  • RoyProp,

    Do you still have the pain in your hip, or bursitis? I was diagnosed with PD about 20 months ago. A few months before I was diagnosed with bursitis in my hip and I have had cortisone injection twice in the last 2 years with no relief. I insisted last year that my doctor x-ray my hip, he said some arthritis but nothing else and insisted it is bursitis. I haven't found any relief and it keeps me from doing the exercise I need to keep moving with PD.

    thanks for any suggestions.

  • February, epidural steroid injection in my back. Before the injection I was in screaming agony by attacks numerous times throughout the night. The relief was within one day.The pain was in my leg at the time.

  • I am glad you found relief.

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