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PD, Knee Arthritis/Meniscus Tears & Hip Bursitis: Is their an Intersection?

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Hello. Can anyone relate to this? Almost seven years with PD, the stiff/rigidity kind with no tremors, I am grateful to have managed really well to maintain a full, meaningful life with family and work, good attitude/keeping PD in stride with tons of exercise (social and solo). Seven months ago I developed knee pain (arthritis and meniscus tears), had lots of non-invasive treatments that didn't work, and much of my exercise routine diminished (hiking, walking, yoga). Still committed to finding alternative exercise to stay healthy. . . . . but now developed screaming pain in one hip, which has been diagnosed as bursitis. It's not letting up (so far 10 days of anti-inflammatories, rest, icing, some heat). With new level of pain, my exercise routine is gone and i'm so worried these things will not resolve. Advised that knee replacement is only surgical option for knee and hip bursitis often becomes chronic. I'm still embracing s good attitude and managing to work (from home of course), but my hopes for optimal health are starting to wear thin. I've had periodic dystonia in my neck and shoulders which has not been present for a couple of years. What are your thoughts about these two new conditions being an unlucky occurence separate of PD, or that somehow PD factors into their cause and/or prognosis?

23 Replies
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Embarrassed. . .spelled "there" in title incorrectly!

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Easy for you to edit your own post, On my phone screen it’s in the bottom right hand corner of the post at the three little dots.

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I have had a lot of knee problems which I believe were caused by my left foot turning inwards. Or maybe just age (56) and use.

I was facing knee surgery but was given a synvisc injection and have managed with that, a knee strap, Physio and taking a day off between tennis for the past 18 months.

I recommend you look into the synvisc if you haven’t already.

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Thanks, I will!

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Some people find relief for bursitis by taking one teaspoon of "milk of magnesia original" (laxative) in the morning and one teaspoon in the evening for a short course of a week or so. Mix the teaspoon of MoM with a cup of water. If zero benefit in a week, it is probably not going to work for you. Preferably start when you are going to be home to make sure you tolerate it without diarrhea. Drink plenty of water during the day to stay hydrated.

Possibly additive is mag oil (MO) applied topically to one hip only (worst side) to see if it can be additive to the MoM. Here is an example of MO :


Here is an example of the correct MoM :


It may be an option to consider while deciding on the surgery.


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lenieb in reply to chartist

Thanks for all the input. Found out yesterday from my orthopedic doc that it’s a herniated disc in lower back. Now I take all these oral steroids to calm it on top of all the PD meds. Need some good old luck that it works.

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If you're interested in another pill, this one has helped some people with a herniated disc or degenerative disc disease at 3 capsules per day. One at breakfast, one at lunch and one with dinner.


You should know if it is going to help by the end of one bottle. If it hasn't started to help by then, it isn't going to work for you.


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Hi, I had knee meniscus tear and 2 ops on it, also frozen shoulder, and bursitis on both hips at start of PD onset 6 years before diagnosis. Also terrible pain in lower back and sacrosanct iliac joints. I had several lots of cortisone injections in all these places. The bursitis was the easiest and quickest to deal with. Cortisone stopped the pain immediately. My dr said it’s not related to PD (except the frozen shoulder) and many women turning 50 get this, but I think it is related. It’s your body inflammation.

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I’ve had it all, including the synvisc before two knee replacements. Now my shoulders and hips are so bad I have difficulty finding a position I can sleep in. Also, tore my hamstring three years ago,then my hip tendon and glut last year. Not to mention 30 years of chronic back issues. I do believe it’s an inflammatory issue, most likely associated with the Parkinsons.

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I suffered a torn rotator cuff just a couple of months after my diagnosis in 2018. There was no explanation for it. I've also had significant knee and hip pain that comes and goes ONLY on my affected side since my diagnosis, and there doesn't seem to be an explanation for that either. I've never had joint issues in my life (I'm 54), and I don't do any physical activity that could account for it. I have felt all along that it's related to the PD.

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has anyone suggested PRP, platelet rich plasma? I had a hip issue and had this procedure and it worked out great.

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DianeF in reply to Larrydds

Had PRP once for the torn hamstring, then for the torn hip tendon and glut. Seemed helpful but only after being immobile for several months after as well. Fairly expensive as insurance won’t cover

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Yes, I had the PRP series of injections, as well as the gel shots and cortisone injection for knee problem. Now fitted with an unloading brace. On the way to see ortho this afternoon for the hip, more acute problem right now. I'm glad it worked for you. . . .many people have good results with that, just not all!

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Look into prolotherapy, stem cell therapy.

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I too have bursitis in my hip. I believe it to be part of the stiffness and rigidity of Parkinson’s. I also do not have much of a tremor at all, just the extreme rigidity and stiffness. It’s just my own idea, but I believe that the stiffness and rigidity in my hip flexors are what is causing it, Especially if I don’t stretch properly before exercise. I find it when I’m in physical therapy (I have a super good physical therapist) that I don’t tend to have as much of a problem. He works a lot on pain management as well as exercise. Also there is a underwater treadmill in a pool at the therapist office and exercising in the warm water seems to help a lot. With Covid pandemic I haven’t been able to go to PT and I am really noticing a difference! Don’t know if this helps but I hope this finds you well and that maybe you find some benefit to it.

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Age 71, PD Dx 2013, well I was told back in the '80's that I had the starting of Arthritis in my left knee, cause is a shattered Femur which is 4 cm shorter than the right, , blew out both Minisci in the right knee ~2016, waiting list was so long it took 2 1/2 + yrs before I could get to the OR and have all the little floaters that would stop me dead mid stream while walking due to acute pain . I swam regularly and played water (12 years+) (not since Covid19 started ) and that has been my saving grace for full body mobility, coupled with regular Massage Therapy and Acupuncture sessions. I can still manage a 1 mile plus dog walking 4 out of 7 days a week, however walking downhill is a real pain in both knees. PS> the Surgeon told me I wouls need a full replacement before I was 70, he was a bit presumptive IMHO>

If you can not walk pain free I would head for the pool to keep what ever flexibility you have left. work your self up to a 1 hr swim... and as fast as you can to keep the fast twitch muscles active/alive . You will get an aerobic workout, lubricate the joints and it helps your writing too, at least for me...

Good luck

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My Dr has emphasized getting rid of inflammation in the body and brain. I know when I'm eating right and taking anti inflammatory supplements I have a lot less pain. It can also benefit the brain to have inflammation as well. Stretching regularly also makes a difference.

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Your story sounds like mine with the knee issue. Also PD for 10+yrs. Don’t know if the knee is PD related. Had a knee replacement almost 15 months ago. It has not recovered like I had hoped and aches every day. Still I don’t know what other options I would have had. Had meniscus surgery and the shots that did not help.

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Thank you for asking that question, as I'm searching for answers to how to deal with my left knee pain that showed up in May. I've had steroid injections & recently a gel injection, which they said often takes several weeks to be effective so I'm hopeful that my pain will improve by the New Year. It's the same side that my PD symptoms have primarily been on, and I think a partial cause could be the dyskinesia &/or dystonia that I've had with my left leg. I also wonder if my body is just out-of-kilter because of my "wonky walking" from PD (kind of a scissors-like gait). Has anyone had chiropractic treatment that has helped their knee pain/stiffness? I did have an MRI that showed lots of arthritis, a massive bakers cyst, & also some micro-fractures (the orthopaedist seemed to think that was the most unusual finding of the three).

I often have almost excruciating pain on the lateral side of my knee when I move my legs in the morning to get out of bed (despite loosening up the joint by doing some heel slides first), and the pain really hits when I hang my feet while sitting on the edge of the bed, but this sudden & sharp type of pain lasts for a very short moment and then reverts to a more chronic type of ache & stiffness. Have seen 2 different ortho docs for this & both say that a total knee replacement will be the long-term solution, but I'm not convinced because I really think that PD is somehow playing a role that they aren't considering or familiar with.

I've tried DNA Vibe infrared light with no improvement, also have had about 10 acupuncture treatements also with no improvement, and have had several rounds of physical therapy but they focus on exercise and not any actual treatment to my knee and currently doing the exercises hurts a lot. I'm feeling like this is a set-back for my PD because exercise is medicine and I'm not nearly as active as I was before this knee pain began in May. Did you find something that worked for your knee pain?

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helloI've only just read your post - I am experiencing pain in my left knee (which the physios Im seeing haven't yet been able to get to the bottom of. I have had to reduce, indeed stop, my 3 runs (approx 8-10k) a week which I'd found essential for well being in body and mood/mind. I'm wondering if you found any solution for your sore knee?

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JMSL in reply to Tomkins

Unfortunately I have not yet found a solution to my knee pain. I underwent a PRP injection on 1 /28 but so far that hasn't helped much. I am now trying a knee stretch/strengthen yoga program that I found on youtube. It's only been 2 days & no real change at this point, but I'm hopeful!

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I think are under-medicated. Do you take any Ldopa?

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I take l-dopa but it's been a tricky puzzle to get the right dose because of the side effect of dyskinesias. And I've tried other PD meds to try to reduce the side effects but they had their own side effects that were even harder to live with!

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