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I tried Rytery for 3 days in June. 3 capsules tid. I was completely frozen for the entire time. I quit taking it and went back to the Sinemet which I had been taking. Residual effect is that I started dragging my left foot and now walking is difficult. Neuro then prescribed Sinemet extended release for overnight. Same effect as Rytery...completely frozen. So quit that as well. Neuro says its a coincidence that left foot drag

started when I started Rytery. I cannot believe my body chose those 3 days to decompensate ! Sorry I ever asked about the Rytery and that Neuro prescribed it. I know how I was prior to starting Rytery and how I was 3 days later.

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Rytery did not do anything for me intact it's made more tired than ever.


rytary kicked my ass put in the er 2 times i thought i was having a stroke could not talk and all kinds of shit

exercise is the key it makes the meds work better with less of them

i do crossfit

google it

it is intense exercise and i love it

try it you will not regret it

Bailey's CrossFit Success!

Published September 14, 2015

My name is Bailey Whitley. I am a 61-year-old male who was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2006. I have struggled with everyday life since that time. I’ve had several doctors during this period and was placed on various medications in an attempt to manage my symptoms. However, exercise was never considered for disease management and was not a significant part of my daily routine.

I became involved with CrossFit in January 2015. My experience has been extremely rewarding and is one of the easiest yet most intense things I have ever done in my life. The group atmosphere at CrossFit FCH has been a great motivator. Watching others push themselves to near exhaustion while saying they enjoyed the workout is very encouraging. My amazing coach Stephanie has been the most motivating, encouraging, dedicated, and inspirational person in my life outside of my family. However, I now consider everyone at CrossFit FCH a part of my family.

Since beginning CrossFit, I now take very little or no medication each day. I have very few symptoms and live a normal life free from most day-to-day aches and pains associated with aging. My knees now have full range of motion without pain. My back no longer aches after bending for hours from working on cars or doing yard work. I do not tire easily. I know that CrossFit has extremely slowed the progression of my disease. That is why I will make CrossFit a part of my life from this day forward. I hope this inspires people of all ages to take charge of their lives and realize that it is never too late to make a positive change.

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I thought it finally started to work & had 2 or 3 good days then the dyskinesia kicked in & I couldn't even sit in a chair. My neuro said her other patient on it didn't have any luck either. She didn't want to but she put me on c/l er (she said it doesn't work) & I thought it was working but that only lasted a few days too. So, I am back to regular c/l.


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