Recumbent trike

Recumbent trike

I think I just found the answer to fitness and weight gain. Since my Dbs success I've been hitting the gym 3x weekly. I actually gained 30 lbs but unfortunately it's been 50/50 muscle:fat according to my bmi scale. I just haven't been able to walk enough to keep the fat down.

Today I purchased a Catrike, a recumbent trike. It's all aluminum construction and 30 ratios make it easy to keep it going without over fatigue. It does require routing for wide shoulder streets and roads though. I've ridden it twice for 40 minutes today without any distress to my feet and knee issues that keep me from walking the same amount of time. YEAH!

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  • How do you get out of it.."

  • I also have a bike like that I love it. Will send a photo later. I live in Amsterdam

  • Gee, I'm interested in these recumbent bicycles. More and more people with Parkinsons are getting them. Would you let us know who manufactures them... and give us an idea of their cost? They really seem to be a very good idea, not only for exercise... but also for "gettin around".

  • Looks great---two questions----(1) Where did you get it? and (2) how do you transport it?--maybe three questions (3) how heavy is it.

    Good for you...keep rolling along...

  • I too have gained weight & muscle mass in my daily gym routine. Questions-- 1) How do I choose a bike? 2) What kind is best for price & enough gears?

  • Very expensive though!

  • I want to do that! Is there a model that could go on a country gravel road, not on pavement? (Bigger tires, gears). What model do you have? I used to ride a two wheel bike, but don't trust my balance any more.

  • Let's see if I can answer all... The trike is manufactured in Florida and weighs about 32 lbs. It is not the foldable model that costs a little more. I bought mine used with 500 miles for $2k; new would be close to $3k. It is a little difficult to get out of but there are assist bars available which costs about $100. There are off road tire available. You can also get saddle bags for storage on the rack over the rear drive wheel.

    There are 5 models available from this manufacturer ranging from about 2k through 3.2k, but could cost more with options. I have been told by several sources that this brand is the most bang per buck in the U.S. Beating out foreign competition. There are cheaper products that I've tried but the quality just wasn't there. Overall the Catrike Vlllager is the preferred model but mine is a Trail model which sits a little lower.... It was used so I had no option. It's a blast to ride!

  • Wow! pricey

    I'll stick to walking in good weather.

    Inclement weather, a $300 recumbent indoor exercycle

  • or just search a lil bit for a local gym that have some on their cardio floor like the one a mile from my home.

  • I have got a Scorpion from HP velotechnik which is a German firm. In April I went with it to the black forest by train and I didnot have to pay extra to take it with me. In Holland I can also take it with me by tain. I get assistance when I call the railway an hour beforehand. In Amsterdam it is my main way of transportation as I donot have a car or a drivers license

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