Tell it how it is for help

It's that time of year....

April, and life starts springing up. After two glorious days of sunshine spring is sealed as hedges burst green and twig like trees now bounce with blossom. We anticipate summer it's on whispered lips.

Hurrah as winter coats hang silent and we go into that not quite sure what to wear season.

And we also enter Parkinson's Disease Awareness month. Didn't you know? Funny everyone with PD knows, oh but we are all aware already. Maybe it's the PD already aware awareness campaign?

Oh ok that's a bit harsh! Lots of people are doing lots of great things for which they have my respect. I too am doing a radio thingy.

Then we enter the tricky world of awareness. I always feel we get it so wrong. Awareness is not an island it's the start of 'now you know what do you do' and it's the 'do' bit where I think we fail the most.

It can't be about money that's too emotive we all give what we can when we are personally moved to. But we would all readily help in other ways. People with PD need support in lots of things. So why don't we spell them out? Then how to help becomes clear turning awareness into action.

So my April campaign is 'tell it how it is for help' these are mine...

1. I can't stay tidy. My stuff is in chaos and I hate it. Someone to help tidy would be an angel.

2. Book. I'm so desperate to finish my children's books but I'm loosing my Mouse skills and finding it hard. You don't need to know how to use a PC I can show you

3. Table tennis gives me vital movement but I just can't play on my own

4. Pain and aching are an everyday challenge a massage would be so welcomed

5. Driving - I don't drive in the dark or long journeys sometimes I need a pilot

6. Mounts and frames - I struggle to make them neat

Support with any of the above is seriously life changing.

If you know anyone with PD and can offer help, ask them to tell it how it is.


4 Replies

  • You have nailed il Colleen! May I share your list? Tony

  • Of course

  • Hi Colleen. As usual, you have said it all. I know what I would like to say, but can't find the words. Thank you for all the interesting posts you give us. You truly are an inspiration to us all. Sue






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