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ATTN: National Campaign alert: IF you’ve not sent in your RED LETTER for the I “GIVE A DIME” campaign to the White House: Please go to and scroll down to E-mail a formatted letter to The President to end PD. We are asking for more funding for research, extended Medicare telemedicine coverage and to ban known neurotoxins from our food supply. Just like the MARCH OF DIMES, this grassroots approach is culminating with a virtual RAIN of LETTERS on the WHITE HOUSE to gain attention to our cause. We know PD is the fastest growing brain disease worldwide, has doubled in last 25 years and is projected to double again by 2040 - if we don’t derail it. Let’s jump on this professionally organized (free & easy) campaign ASAP: Deadline is Tuesday. Just click, sign & send

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Good going Amy! I hope everyone will follow the link.

Thank you for your work, Amy! I jumped the gun by a few days, but I mailed my card yesterday. 😊

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I’m glad you were able to participate & spread the word, here. We’re on the final lap, now, with extended deadline!

Already done and thanks for posting!


Done! Thank you for posting this!


Maybe from Europe we have a diferent perspective, it seems you have changed from a white house that was taking on big pharma and was reducing drug prices to a white house that has largly been financed by big pharma. From what i can see so far looking in from the outside, there needs to be huge pressure put on the drug companies and research centers, how we do it is up to people cleverer than me. It is so frustrating.

Done! Thanks for posting!

ACTION ALERT: Please SHOUT it from the mountaintops (your Social Media), folks: it’s the last 2 days for maximum effect!


Already done!

CPT Helen has said they are up to 14,000! They have extended it through the month of April with the goal of reaching 100,000! "Professionally organized, free & easy campaign" well said Amy. :)

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Yesss @cclemonade — extended deadline. Let’s jump onboard and spread the word: go to for a pre-formatted letter to The President to End PD w 3 simple steps!

The Red Letter Campaign was extended- go to for your preformatted letter or email 📧 today (Please- it’s for our next generation if not ourselves)!