mucuna pruiens for parkinsons

HI,had some one tried mucuna pruiens which i read in some articles it contains l.dopa extracted fromsome plant found in india ,can this be taken instead of sinmet which have sideeffects such as dyskensia dstonia, this is a herbal product it may have very little side effecor none.happy to do further research about this product sold by many herbal stores and on line.thanks

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  • A study done by the NIH suggest that it could be more effective than Levadopa with less side effects.

  • I have been using Kappi Kachhu ( Indian name for Mucuna ) , Since 2010 , very effective and no side effects so far. Must be taken in empty stomach , preferably 30 to 45 Min before food for good action. After food I take Ashwagandharista & Balamularista ; all from Vaidyaratnam Kerala India ; one can also buy online also from Vaidyaratnam , visit web :

  • HI Rammu

    Is it the same Macuna and Zandupa. macuna is not solvable it's harder to swallow.


  • Yes , Zandupa's ingredient are 87 % Macuna + Sugar+Flavour base ; each spoon in container is equivalent to 7.5 gms . Yes , it does not dissolves, it forms suspension. This is bit tastier than raw MP. I have tried Zandupa , but I have to take 1.5 spoon compared to 1 spoon of MP to get same effect , because raw is 100% MP.

  • Hi Ramuu,

    Thank you so much for your reply. Does it equivalent to on Sinnemet, I reduced the Sinnemet and felt muh better.

  • Sorry , I have no idea about Sinnemet, infact I don't take any of these allopathy medicines. If you can slowly get rid of all allopathic medicines and unnecessary supplements , definitely it will be much better for the body. Tapering down allopathic meds is always a challenge , please listen to your body and doctor.

  • Hi Ramuu,

    please advise is it 1.5 teaspoon or tablespoon of mucuna/zandopa?

  • I take one Table Spoon of raw Mucuna ; Infact Zandopa container has its own Spoon , which is equivalent to 7.5 grams of Mucuna . Zandopa container spoon appears to be slightly bigger than our Table Spoon. In my case , when I took Zandopa, I took almost 1.5 Zandopa container spoon. The requirement varies from each individual , so please don't go by my statement. Please take what suits you best. My Ayurvedic doctor at Vaidyaratnam told me not to go beyond 1.5 TBS per dosage.

    Please take fresh watermelon big slice or pineapple fruit or juice along with Mucuna; it enhances ON time , as well gives quick reaction. Please see below article & link :

    "For patients with Parkinson's disease, α-synuclein's mechanism of spread from cell to cell could serve as a point of therapeutic attack if we are able to block this cell-to-cell transfer mechanism,"

    Parkinson’s Vaccine Safe in Phase I Trial: Alpha-synuclein is the sticky protein that clumps in the cells of people with Parkinson’s, and AFFiRiS hopes to stop disease by inducing antibodies against alpha-synuclein accumulation. The Michael J. Fox Foundation funded this work with close to $2M, first with a grant for a pre-clinical study and then $1.5M in 2011 for the Phase I trial. It’s the first drug against alpha-synuclein to reach clinical testing.

    But I don't know how many years all these research will take!! best solution for the time being is to eat more Melons & Pineapples ; which has ingredients to stop Alpha-Synuclein protein clumping thereby arresting the progression of PD . ;

    pl see link : watermelon or pineapple helpful in containing and or prevent the progression of neuro-degenerative diseases !!. Easy to implement

  • Dear Ramuu,

    We all have to thank you very much for the info you provide here, which is valuable .

    Could you give me the e mail address of your

    ayiuverdic doctor in Vaidyaratnam ?

    I would also like to ask three more questions

    The kapikatcchu you mention is of Himallaya

    Company ? and how much of this do you use per day

    is it in capsule form ?

    I am in the middle of an effort to discontinue madopar ( same as sinemet ) and replace it with mucuna and I am very interested in any successful experience with mcuna .

    Thank you once again


  • Aemilia,

    I use Kappi Kachhu from Vaidyaratnam. You can buy online from their website / other websites also, they deliver world wide. You can communicate with Dr.Udhayashankar ; his id :

    If you need any further help, please feel free to write to me :



  • Dear Ramuu,

    thank you so much

    I am deeply indebted

    i will contact you on your email

    to let you know of the outcome


  • Ramuu,

    Another patient said that you need a lil carbidopa to make mucana work. My mom is taking sinemet and I am trying to alternate it with mucana - but we are still struggling with the dose as mucnana can also cause dyskinesia for her .

    I got pure mucana powder from London, but still not sure how to incorporate it into the system.

    Less sinemet and mucana causes freezing - its such a fine line we are trying to walk.

  • Yes, with both Allopathy drugs (Sinemet etc) and Ayurvedic drugs ( Mucana, Kapikachu etc) induces dyskinesia in the long run, but Allopathy drugs induces more dyskinesia than Ayurvedic drugs. I too have developed little dyskinesia now , my right hand arm goes up & down (involuntarily) for 5 to 10 mins during medication weaning-off and settles down slowly. If possible, please try Indian Mucana ( Kapikachu) from Vaidyaratnam , you can buy online, they deliver world wide. I take 1 TBS x 3 times daily , empty stomach (very important) with 1/2 fresh lemon juice, action one can feel within 20 mins and fully ON within 30 mins and last for 2.5 to 3hrs , depending on food intake and one's condition, heavier & oily food , ON time will be shorter. I also take Ashwagandharista from them 1 TBS x 2 times daily after food, please google search for its benefits.

    For purchasing these products I have posted the links on the same page below, just click on the link, it directly takes to product ordering .

    God Bless your Mom and your family

  • Thanks a bunch Ramuu. I bought It from Glasstonberry London and that's pure too . How much levadopa in 1 tabsp.. after 10 plus years on sinemet, we have to be very careful as I mentioned before she gets dyskinesia from mucana also.

    Someone else mentioned that they need to use carbidopa with it to be effective ? thoughts?

    How does the ashwaghanda help ?

  • Carbidopa may extend the ON time, I don't known, I have not experimented. Ashwaganda has reversed PD in animal model

  • How much mucana is equivalent to 25/100 of Sinemet ? Trying to find the right dose .

  • Appx 1.5 TBS - 10 Grams of raw mucana - 25/100 Sinemet

  • I couldnt find the product

  • I just clicked on the link, it directly takes to product ordering, please try again.

    Even following online supplier has this product.

    If you need any help, please let me know

  • Thank you Ramuu are you in India how long did you have parkinson

  • Yes, I am in Bangalore INDIA; please feel free to write to me , if you need any help. email :

  • MP is a bean from India. Fava bean is also helpful. I sprout & grow these and make a tincture with brandy. Careful about your source of MP. it can cause stomach upset it is a protein,,so eat first! Good Luck!!

  • A quick search in Google Scholar gives over 1300 records of academic articles on the use of Mucuna pruriens for Parkinsons' treatment dating back to the 1970s, the majority with favourable results. So why the h*ll aren't there prescribable drugs available based on this plant?

    Or maybe there are and I just don't know about them?

  • Sorry I meant to include this link in my earlier reply:

  • My previous try to include this link seemed to get mangled because it was too long so i've broken it into four lines and you will need to assemble it again manually.




  • My husband has taken it in the past and the side effects are dyskinesia if too much is taken. You don't get the confusion with it though. Another small problem is urgency to pass water.

    My husband used it as a quick fix instead of Madopar because it work quickly but as everything in PD everyone is different.

    If you are in the UK Hybrid Herbs is a good supplier but I have also seen on this forum that Zandopa is good. I have seen it on Ebay and Amazon.

    I would definitely try it.

  • I looked at the Hybrid Herbs site but i couldn't find Mucuna pruriens, do they have it under a different name?

  • Just looked myself and you're right. He was having difficulty getting it last time. I would try the Zandopa. Its from India and they have been using this in Ayurvedic Medicine for more than a century for Parkinsons. Its also been recommended on this website. Its on Ebay Uk and Amazon.


  • I agree with what the others said, I am currently trying a powder made from the MP bean. So far so good. I have replaced several different formulations of Sinemet with it. I did notice that it took about 5 days for my body to become adjusted to the MP and able to fully digest

  • Where do you get your MP from?

  • Banyan Botanicals

  • What happens to your body when you take mp. What symptoms feel relief. When you stop taking it do you have side effects

  • Nothing. It works the same but wears off quicker. My husband uses it to bring him 'on' quicker.

  • I take a professional product that has 40% mucuna and weigh each dose . Dopamine needs balanced with Seratonin so a concentration of 5HTP is taken to keep the neurotransmitter balance. This also controls the Nausea caused by dopamine. you know when your not balanced when you are nauseated. The off times seem the same just less dramatic.

  • it is only L dopa. Some one in the past suggested dose of carbidopa tablets along with it to make more effective. Any natural resource of carbidopa???????.I am unable to find pure carbidopa tablete in india, Any suggestions to take along with MP

  • I have a friend who is using mucuna pruriens and has had good results. She takes a measured amount in water every 90 mins, which is a tight regimen but it has saved her life. She is working with a Doctor of Chinese Medicine in BC, Canada.

    I believe she has been taking it for over 2 years now.

  • How much does she take - can someone decode mucana dosage ? My mom takes 25/100 every 1.5 hrs

  • Unfortunately I don't know the dosage ..... And she has to adjust it on occasion. She was a science teacher before she had to retire due to PD and has done loads of research on the use of mp. I didn't go that route due to this problem of working out the dosage I would need, by trial and error, as everyone is different . I know my limitations and took the easier route although I am aware that pharmaceuticals may be more injurious in the long run. Sorry I cud not be more helpful.

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