Parkinsons and constipation

Didn't know until today that constipation is another side effect of parkinsons. My partner has had pd for last 3 years + also the dementi think called lewy bodies for last year, now he had as heart tests and yes another complication, so the have put him on statins and asprin - although the asprin helps with the head aches. He has has constipation on and off for 2 months and visiting the hospital today fpr 3 month checkup and seeing the pd nurse, we were told that yes constipation is another problem with pd.

He has tremors in his left arm badly starting right side and legs. They are going to increase the madopar so hopefully that will help with tremors. |But hey life goes on yes at times I can scream, like the other day we could not move a large table very heavy, so when my back was turned he sawed the legs off. He emptied the water butts thinking that was what you did in the winter, so after heavy winds they were hanging off the drainpipe luckily the drainpipe and gutters did not come down, !!!!!

So we have to laugh it off and carry on !!!!!!!!!!! good luck to all carers.

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  • Constipation is one of my main PD issues. Colon is twisted and very stiff. Then I take laxative and get diarrhea. Added fiber helps but usually just adds to the backup. 3 stool softeners a day don't seem to help either. I've had this problem for 7-8 yrs but just diagnosed with PD this year. Gastro drs never caught on even though I also have problems choking.

  • Metal ax seems to work for me

  • Metal ax seems a little excessive. How about a small suppository?

  • Yes constipation is terrible with Parkinson's there is a Tea calll Skinny tea that helps a lot

  • chocolate or fruit cake seems to help my husband along . that's along with Movical which I usually add some lemonade to the water , Seems to help give that extra push needed . .

    not always of course . But try anything that is safe

  • Constipation can result from PD itself,or from the meds used to control the symptoms. I guess I'M lucky since I also have diabetic and cholesterol issues and the meds I take for those have a mildly laxative effect, so it seems to balance out in the end (and acouple of cups of coffee usually have the desired effect, anyway). Everyone is different, and it often takes some time and experimentation to achieve the optimum results.

  • I have the same problem with constipation. An alternative Doc. recommended MagO7 by aerobic life and it really helps. I take 5 at night every other night and it works sometime the next day. I don't think it is habit forming. Hope this helps

  • My neuro recommended Miralax and said it works well with his patients. It's worked well for me too.

    (I'm in the U.S.).

  • The problem I have is clearing the blocked loo after I've done the business. Government and EU might think they are smart for reducing water consumption by restricting the loo's to flush max 6L of water - but I end up wasting far more trying to shift the blockage.

    I did however find a helpful solution. I have a 3D printer and with that and some 15mm pipe was able to produce a lance which can be connected to our power shower - and that helps significantly.

  • Diet changes and LOTS of water (up to a gallon at room temperature throughout the day) tend to fix me. A lot of fruit too, particularly kiwi fruit for some reason. Re diet? For me it means less or no coffee, dairy, meat, carbs and more veggies, fruits, nuts. I can go back to eating this stuff after the constipation eases, but in moderation.

  • Well here's alaugh I had my gall bladder removed about 12 yrs ago and had the opposite problem lol but since I have been diagnosed and I am on carbodopa-levadopa I find I have regular movements the first time in 12 yrs lmao...

  • hi i am back with a vengeance after having no keyboard d working for the las t 7 weeks and i could not read anyone 's posts as the print was too smallcand i could not reply or make a post either/.

    lol jill


  • Hi "Bertie," has your partner tried magnesium? I found supplements very helpful during pregnancy and helpful once again at the very different passage of life.

  • Thanks for all the comments, I have bought Movicol for him, and will then get it on prescription, when we get the consultants letter, advising. my sister always used to say its like trying to get on 6" poo through a 4" pipe. Lets hope this movicol reverse's that.

  • water butts - a large container for collecting rain that can then be used to water plants.

    I do not want to be a rude American, butt yes, I could laugh.

    carry on !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Prune juice has helped my husband no end!

    A bucket of water, poured down the loo, has always worked to clear any unflushable matter.

  • thank you I will be trying that.

  • I have a complete list of 100+ Symptoms that I will share with you. Send me an e-mail with the subject:

    "Symptoms" and I will send an excel page. Send the request tp" This offer is open to anyone who reads this.

  • Unsulphured Blackstrap Molasses...1TBSP stirred into a tall glass of luke warm water in the AM is about the only thing that seems to work for me. It appears to have numerous other health benefits as well.

  • Sedona, I give your Molasses recommend Five Stars. This morning I consumed 1 tbsp. Molasses in a short glass of warm water and within the hour, success.

  • I use Miralax 1 -2 times a day. It is a powder that can be mixed in water, juice, and some foods. I like the generic brands and they are cheaper. My doctor also recommends that I eat foods high in fiber or take fiber pills.

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