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use of laser for walking


I have the problem of not being able to get going when I want to walk. I went to Home Depot and bought a small laser level that I hold in my hand. I shine it on the floor in front of me so that the line is horizontal on the floor and try to step on it as I move. It seems to help many times but not always.

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I have the same problem but use an inverted walking stick to step over- works most of the time but sometimes nothing seems to work. Its a mind over matter thing why do I get stuck in doorway for example. the best thing is to step over somebody's foot nearly always gets me moving.

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YES-- doorways are my nemesis also!!! I would love to know why that is such a problem for our brains to comprehend. I can be walking fine and come to a doorway and stop dead, unable to move. Also, elevators. I have started taking stairs instead.

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hi all

i ha ve PSP not parkinsons btu a lot of the symptoms can be similar and despsit ehte meds not working 4 PSP at least there are no side effects to worry about

i hav e major problems iwth freezing gait in doorways ./ lift s/ in busy places etc and now use a wheelchair 4 outside as it eases the pressure on whoever is with me re falling and dragging them down with me\

i hsvr a USTEP WALKER FORM THE USA which i use inside (at times )- it has a laser cane which lights up to keep the fee t moving within the line and it works for me (sometimes) i hi have probs with the walker and my brain riunnign too far ahead and i jus t lose control and ov eri go...

lol Jill]


Hi Siak. You will find that the laser line makes you consciously step out in front of you, but if you stop concentrating on your step, you tend to freeze. The secret is to concentrate on the action of walking and not to revert back to letting your subconscious brain control the walking. The subconscious brain is the part that has problems controlling your movements. The subconscious brain sends its messages through another part of the brain, before they get get to the arms and legs, The conscious brain messages don't appear to go through the same route.


We work on that in our movement for pwp class. Music helps you move, so I will sing a loud marching song to get my legs working. Embarrasses my kids, but what doesn't?

i agree music helps em to walk mor slowly not more quickly

a good song hummed along will help

;lol` jill


Try snapping your fingers to your walking rhythm or say right foot, left foot with each step. Works for me. good luck


Laser level. Great idea . I will try it THANKS


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