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Has anyone had the "Intrepid" DBS done? I need feedback. it's a programmable device with a rechargeable battery.Trail done already in europe

Wife to have it on 10/07/14 at UCSF, by Boston Scientific Neuromodulation. A new "8 prong" device

"The Vercise" over the standard "4 prong" device the existing "Medtronic"

It has a hand held programmable remote control unit with a rechargeable portable charging system.

A implantable pulse generator assisting 8 programmable leads with electrodes.

Any feedback would be appreciated.

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UCSF is reliable and not shy to try new approaches which they trust. I do believe them to be cautious so you wife will be in good hands. My general anesthesia DBS was performed by a UCSF-trained neurosurgeon. If I had the opportunity to use a rechargeable battery, I would have taken it. I've had no problems, but still, I know that one day, there will be another surgery to replace my battery.

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I would concur with Jash's assessment of UCSF and the surgeons. My dad had his surgery at the SFVA, which works in conjunction with UCSF, and we had several appointments at the UCSF campus for evaluation prior to his DBS.

They are extremely helpful in answering questions, and are very generous with their time to make the patient and his or her family feel comfortable with the procedure, reasonable expectations of the outcome, etc.

Please don't hesitate to use them as a resource.


I have had the Boston Scientific Vercise device implanted for a couple of months now as a replacement for the Medtronic system which had produced several side effects which the Vercise system was theoretically able to avoid. However, the surgeon in Bristol, England, used the same electrode tubes and this has meant I have had limited benefit from the extra leads. There is an advantage from the wound from the battery insertion being smaller and I am told the battery will last an optimistic 25 years. I recharge it once a week. The main disadvantage so far is that the nurse specialist who does the programming is relatively unfamiliar with the Vercise system and requires the Boston Scientific rep to be present for guidance at programming sessions. This means the programming schedule is dependent on his availability.


I was just cleared for the implantation of this Vercise device yesterday. My initial implant surgery is scheduled for October 15 in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, USA. I have heard pretty amazing results from those with the Medtronic device, currently used in the USA. This trial is to gain approval for the Vercise system in the US. Do you know that this device was developed specifically for the brain, whereas the Medtronic is basically a re-worked heart pacemaker? The Vercise offers far more capabilities for "fine tuning" - a definite plus for the complexity of the brain. I especially like the idea that I can recharge the battery in my own home, and not have to go through additional surgeries to keep replacing it every 4 - 5 years. I also like the fact that the computer module is smaller than the others. I am fairly petite, and the thought of adding "bulk" to my shoulder is a bit disconcerting. Keep me posted on how your wife's surgery goes. She will be one week ahead of me. Good luck!


I am considering participating in the Vercise DBS and wondered how you you are doing with the Vercise DBS