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Comtan (generic:entacapone) really works for me in extending my on-times for carbidopa-levadopa to the point where I am almost symptom free some days. However, I have been paying $300-$400 for it per month because my insurance, and I've been told, most insurance didn't cover it. Well, IT DOES NOW and I'm paying $5 a month at CVS. Thought I'd pass that along. My doctor didn't know about it.

(FYI: I'm male, 58, dx in 2004, take 10 sinemet @ 25/100 and 2.5 comtan @ 200mg in five daily doses, plus selegiine, amantadine, and sinimet er.)

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  • are you referring to Comtan/entacapone separately, as opposed to Stelevo which has them and is also super expensive?

    My husband takes Stelevo and the regular cost is in excess of 400 a month, Won't be able to keep using that once he does not have insurance through work anymore.

  • Sorry, I don't know. And the $5 price I mention is with insurance. I'm sure the no-insurance cost is still huge. I bought one order of entacapone from a Canadian company I found on the internet that shipped from Singapore. Seems to have worked out, but now I don't need to do that anymore. Might be an option for you with Stalevo if you lose your insurance?




    LOL jiLL


  • Michael... Prior to the entacapone, what where your main motor symptoms?? Tremor, bradykinesia, dyskinesia, dystonia??

  • Keep forgetting the PD terms, but my PD symptoms have always been mostly stiffness and what goes with that (difficulty walking, driving, writing).

    However, I do know I have dykesisia. Funny thing though is that I keep telling people I have dyslexia when I mean dyskenisia. Imagine the looks and comments get. "I didn't now dyslexia made you move funny."

  • Thanks for your response... sounds like you are more bradykinetic(slow movements) with rigidity-stiffness. That's me. I seldom have tremors.

  • Good to hear that it works as my doc just prescribed it for me (paid $8 for 30 days at CVS).

    Have you had any significant side effects? The warning label makes the stuff sound toxic!

  • Haven't noticed any side effects effects effects effects. Good luck with it.

  • Pardon my ignorance........what's CVS? Insurance company I presume?

  • CVS is a drug store!!!

  • I've recently ordered Comtan generic from Canadian drugs......saving about .71 cents per pill. With my insurance it's $1.71 per pill!

  • I just called CVS/Carmark regarding entacapone. It would cost me $10 for 90 pills.



  • Michael, glad to hear you are doing well! I had taken only Azilect until about 9 months ago, symptoms worsened and the doctor added Sinemet. I had a terrible time with nausea and vomiting until we figured out that I would have to eat with it. I am now doing much better.

  • Good Susie. Yes, I wanted to put off sinemet because of the bad things I heard, but its been good for me so far, especially since I added comtan (entact apone). Hope you are otherwise well. We should chat on FB soon and catch up.

  • MichaelOM

    I take Levodopa/Carbidopa (same as Sinemet) 25/100 mg 4 x per day and Comtan 200 mg 5 x per day, plus one 200/50 Levodopa/Carbidopa CR & one .5 Clonazepam before bedtime. Recently I am experiencing a great deal of "off time". I realize that I require more Sinemet to feel better. The "off time" is terrible. I also have shortness of breath during this "off time".

    Could you tell me how you take your 10 Sinemet's per day, i.e., every 2 hours or? Do you split the tablets? Also how long have you taken 10 Sinemet's per day?


  • Hi PJ. I take 2 sinemets with 1//2 comtan every three hours during the day. Yes I split the comtans. I think I've been on 10 sinemet a day for at least two years. yum!

  • Hi Michael, Thank you very much for your response. This is extremely helpful to me. I will be seeing my neuro this week. I know I require more Sinemet added to my regime, but I also considered taking a "drug holiday". At the moment the "off time" is so unpleasant that I simply do not how I could ever consider doing that!

    I am also looking ahead into the future and wondering just how much of Sinemet I will need to help control my symptoms as they progress.

    Regards, PJ

  • Hi puddlejumper

    I note your posts here and on the breathing problems thread. I too have had marked wearing off and the more levadopa i have taken the more noticable it has become. In particular Entacopone magnified it for me. I was ok on 3x200 a day but by 5/day my shortness of breathe intensified along with other wearing off symptoms.

  • Are you getting extra help?What are the other meds? My husband is taking Stalevo Same thing,Was paybing over $500.00 a month at CVS but now is getting extra help and paying $37.00 a month which helps but $5.00 would sure help as we get nothing but Social Security.He takes 5 times a day and a 1mg M irapex at night, He has entered final stages of PD and was diagnosed in 2003 but we feel he had it at least 10 years before.

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