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Dear all

My consultant has prescribed a drug called Entacapone. This was in response to me describing the dramatic down period once my Sinement+ tablet had worn off - it is supposed to lessen / even out the fall.

Please does any one have any current views on Entacapone - and does it work?

I look forward to your responses

Kind regards


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Hi Ed:

I don't know what you mean by "dramatic" down period. Can you say more?

Also, some other background information would be useful...

When were you diagnosed? How long have you been on C/L? What dose of C/L do you take? How much time between doses?

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Mocha1263 in reply to Levod

Hi Thank you for your reply.

If at rest my tremors start up and become quite severe - not so noticeable if I am involved in some form of activity or sport.

I was diagnosed five year ago and have been on C/L five years, five 25/100 per day - roughly three hours per dose.

Kind regards

All the information Levod mentioned would be helpful but I took Entacapone for about 6 months or so and it made my dyskensia worse and I had vivid dreams, but everyone is different. I have a friend with PD and he recently went on it and he said he feels better being on it. It helps him walk better and his on periods last longer. 🥊

Keep fighting!

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Mocha1263 in reply to laglag

Thank you for you reply - will keep fighting

Hi Ed, I have been taking Entacapone for a few years and think it works well. It allows me to stay on longer for a given C/L dose, but if I do go off, I don't think it lessens the severity of the off time.

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Mocha1263 in reply to Levod

Thank you very useful

Entacapone is a COMT inhibitor. Its effect is to make the levodopa that you take last longer. It is available on its own, where it is taken with, typically, Sinemet pills (carbidopa and levodopa); and as Stalevo where it comes with the three ingredients pre-mixed (carbidopa, levodopa and entacapone). It is useful to think in terms of a levodopa equivalent dose. A rough measure is that 75 mg of Stalevo (Sinemet + entacapone) has the same effect as 100 mg Sinemet. You need to be careful when moving from Sinemet to Stalevo to take this higher power into account. If you move on a 1:1 basis, you may go too high, leading to levodopa induced dyskinesia.

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Mocha1263 in reply to johntPM

Thank you for comments and your notes on Stalevo - will if prescribed it remember dosage advice

Also know that there’s entacapone and extended release entacapone.

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Levod in reply to Jebbie12

Hi Jebbie, I have never heard of extended release entacapone, and a web search did not find anything. Does it go by a new/different name?

Ongentys 50 mg. I take 1 a day with second dose. 4 1/2 c/l per day

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Levod in reply to Jebbie12

Ah, I have heard of that, but it is a different drug (aka, opicapone).

Like entacapone, Ongentys/opicapone is a COMT inhibitor, and last time I checked very expensive.


My husband's just started taking it after taking 25/100 Modopar for 3 years. His doc wanted him to up the dose (5 x 25/100) per day and after our hesitation he suggested switching to Stalwvo. He's been taking for 2 weeks now, and his afternoon movement (difficulty walking) is vastly improved. Maybe due to the 1:1 dose which might have been, in the end, an insidious way of increasing the dose.

This drug should be banned by the US FDA. It is otherwise called Comtan; I was prescribed this medication to extend my so called "on" time. In just a few months I felt my BRAIN going in reverse. No other way to say it. Side effects are additive to those of other Parkinson RX i.e. Sinemet. It is not used by itself but is used 1 on 1 with each CL dose. I am on a C/L regiment of 4 to 7 25-250 Sinemet/day. The reason for the variation is that I also have severe GI issues with Paralytic Lilius and Gastroparesis. CL has limitations on how much you can take in a day because Levodopa is a neuro-toxin which in itself can make your neuropathy worse, so the less CL you can use is a benefit but other RX is available to help and should be explored.

Hi Ed,

Sorry for my delayed response. I am still working full time and I am catching up on email now.

I am taking 2 CL25/100 , 3 times a day. About a month ago my mds had me try entacapone. I was in such a brain fog I stopped after a couple days. I felt like I was driving drunk, that scared me . At work I was in a stupor. I was starting to think I was getting sick. I stopped taking Entacapone before the end of my 12 hour shift and I felt normal driving home.

Everyone has different experiences bot I am done with that med.

Good Luck,


Thank you for your reply.

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