I see two different results from the alpha synuclien misfolding inside the glial cells. 1. Cell death. 2. Cell disfunction. Which is it?

If the cell is killed off, then it should be removed by the process of apoptosis. If that were to happen then GDNF (Glial Derived Neurotrophic Factor) would not be able to restore the brain cell. Now which is it? And, why do we see this anomoly? Scientists are not normally careless with their words!


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  • Is the alpha synuclein inside the glial cells or the neurones? Why can't cell death follow a long period of dysfunction? Surely that's why the early diagnosis and treatment of Parkinson's is critical, to get it in the dysfunctional stage not the dead stage.

  • Have you discussed this with the scientists currently working on GDNF Trials Jon?

    I have just read a book by Nick Nelson "Monkeys in the Middle2 which describes the success of previous GDNF Trials before Amgen - who have the patent for GDNF until 2017 - pulled the supply of GDNF from the Trials

    I am praying that the current trials are successful but a bit dubious having read Nick's book

    Now you are casting doubts on the basis of GDNF treatment? This should not be posted on a layman's website - it should be done within the scientific arena

    I cannot argue with you - I don't have the scientific skills - but it is reprehensible of you to put out this type of post if you haven't discussed it with the "public practitioners" such as Andrew Gill of Bristol who is responsible for the current UK Trials or his equivalents in the US

  • Hi froggatt55. I offer no apologies for what I have said about GDNF. If you would care to write to me on johnpepper@telkomsa.net then I will mail the exerpt from my book on the story surrounding GDNF. If I have my facts wrong then you can enlighten me and I will apologize.


  • John, there is no clear relationship between symptoms, manifestation and percentage of cells damaged or dead. I have 80% loss of ocular nerve cells and should or could have severe glaucoma yet I have normal visual fields. I have had what they call cupping, indications of ocular nerve cell death for the last 30+ years with no symptoms. Fortunately this cell-death situation has not progressed to a discernible level in those 30+ years so it's all about progression.

  • Hi racerCP. In aircraft design there are normally two of everything, the second is a back-up for the first. In our brains, we appear to produce three times more dopamine than we actually need. This is a huge safety margin. We only become aware of Pd, when our supply is down to 30%. I was not aware that the same over-supply occurs in other areas of the body, but it makes sense.


  • John, the ocular nerve sends messages to the brain therefore it seems to me it is a brain disease as well. I'd be interested to know how many PD people have glaucoma. It seems different people have eyes more or less sensitive to this pressure which increases with age and therefore incur damage but it depends on the other organs of the eye the macula and retina, all of which lose size and pliability as we age. Therefore glaucoma meds address eye pressure...reducing pressure saves these nerve cells. Something like that I hope is being looked for with PD, something to slow progress. I like your work in this area.

  • Hi racerCP. I have not met any other Pd patient with Glaucoma, so I cannot give you any feedback.


  • Some of us laymen are very interested.

  • Hi Windwsprer

    Have you read NIck Nelson's book - it is fascinating reading. I've got other material from John and I'll put it to for you it together for you later

    Kind Regards


  • Thank you for your reply Bob. I'll keep reading...

  • Hi windwsprer. If you go to my website, which I am busy overhauling at the moment, you will see everything I can glean on GDNF. It is quite intriguing reading. reverseparkinsons.net.


  • this may interest you cs.stedwards.edu/chem/Chemi...

  • Wellnessinfo

    As you dont have Parkinsons do you, can you just reassure us that you are not making monetary gain from the things you are advocating.

  • Hi Hikoi. I most certainly do have Pd! I am not on this website for monetary gain! I tell you, on my website, everything I did to reverse my Pd. That costs you nothing! I wrote a book to tell the whole story, which I cannot do on this website. As that cost me a great deal of money, I am unable to give it away, free of charge. Everything I tell you in my book I also tell you in the answers to the questions on this website! The background and how it all happened is the story. I will never recoup the costs of writing and publishing the book, it is not something that interests the wider public.


  • John this question was most certainly not asking you! It was to wellnessinfo which is why i put it as a reply to his post and addressed it to him.

  • I have a message do you wish to learn? please assure me you are not motivated by money and profit making

  • Yes! I want to learn. I want to clear up all the misconceptions around the dopamine producing cells in the barin. If they are killed off by Pd, then they would be removed from the barin. Then, if this is correct, theycould not be repaired by GDNF. It is that simple! Either they are killed by Pd or they are disabled. Which is it?


  • Measuring the quality and quantity of glycoproteins on the cell surface is an excellent diagnostic approach because the lower the glycoprotein count, the greater the cancer risk. Healthy cells are sugar coated with glycoproteins while cancer cells are bald. Misfolding of proteins with specific sugars is the cause for poor quality and quantity of glycoproteins. Learning how to help properly fold proteins is the future of medicine and healthcare. Bald cells will kill you. Healthy cells, clothed in fur like glycoproteins, give you life. Yes, glycoprotein technology IS the bulls eye but perhaps the target is placed over the wrong objective. The traditional medical target is still over symptoms and drug treatment. In the process many are helped but we can do so much more if we simply move the target. Over the last couple of decades, universities around the world have generated conclusive data that consuming, as food, what I call Royal Sugars, has phenomenal health benefits with the immune system, brain function, and directly or indirectly all diseases. We can slash a trillion dollars out of healthcare cost by just eating these sugars.

    Dr. Ronald DePinho Glycoproteins are now proven to be the bulls eye, the Rosetta Stone, of medicine and of all healthcare. Everything points to accelerated and expanded glycoprotein research, and rightfully so. According to the NIH/NCI study, glycoproteins are good for diagnosing, monitoring, proving, reproving, developing billions of dollars in drugs, testing, and researching until the cows come home.

  • Hi Wellnessinfo. I do not have the time to listen to video for one and a half hours. I don't know from your input here if you are selling a product or trying to help me come to grips with the way to overcome Pd. My question was related to cell death or cell disablement. Which is it. If you can give me the answer to that question I would be most appreciative.

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