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use it or lose it.get on your bike

an insight and possibly some encouragement for more recently diagnosed people from an 18 yr veteran.i was diagnosed as a 36 yrold man with pk and im now 54 .got the shock news after going to a neurologist with a stiff hand. think the first q i asked was will i be in a wheel chair before leaving his office and driving confused in a panic,as was alone,in the wrong direction.

within the hour i calmed down,told my wife, mum n dad blah blah and nobody including me really knew what t entailed.All I knew my hero muhammad ali was nt looking too good so if it could do that to one of the fittest men that ever lived, i d better get serious . i was pretty sporty type 6ft slim ,gym friendly but not bodybuilder , weights more aerobic stuff . i cycled daily and heres the first fact that may shock i still do.not dozens of miles but 3 or more a recent study by cambridge somebody or other that cycling is good for you could have saved £200000 or so by speaking to me.without getting into advanced neorology as i see it the two hemispheres of brain left controls right sided movement and vice versa broadly speaking so any exercise that locks you into using l and r legs arms feet equally is all good news.

Obviously my condition has got worse over the years but if i can still manage adecent golf swing thats also l r sides of the brain and cycle i feel ive significantly reduced the progression of the disease.i was also lucky early diagnosis and getting on meds early has helped for the record i use apo go pump plus stalevo ropinirole sinemet and been on same dosage for last five yrs approx.freezing increased a bit.sometimes when im frozen throw a golf ball or football in front of meill unfreeze and follow the ball.Theres one for the boffins to work out,could woffle on all day, but if just one of you get that ornament called a bike out of your garage ive achieved something today

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Hello Ecker

It's great to read a story such as your one. You are an inspiration and living proof that there is life after a Parkinson's diagnosis. Long may you continue to enjoy your cycle rides.

Thank you



Loved reading about you and what you have done all these years to fight PD. Very inspirational. It's the kind of message one wants to receive when one can't sleep. It helps to reduce my anxiety about my future...........I think I can have a cup of herbal tea and go back and get a few hours of sleep now!


I we so impressed by your sharing the , use it or loose it, information I cannot really

Say how much you have inspired me to exercise and keep o going even if the pace slows down. Today, I have put my walking machine Back as a daily priority, I do the greater part of all,my housework but my legs get so tiired. The doctor has said for me to walk but in a very slight way, more like an " oh, by the way walking will,help" so I have not given it much credence but Today, after reading your blog,,THANK you. I will let you know how I progress. Again thanks for sharing. Polyanna 007


hi polyana. keep moving its a w in win situation the word s of an old soul song come to mind ,like a long winding road i get tired from the load moving on moving on . like a long winding stream i ll keep flowing towards my dream moving on moving on . i ve got a 14 hr journey alone to texas on sunday , scares me to death but Sunday am i ll be at check in no matter what .


LOve the song Ecker And your story - God bless you & keep you going forward. Pheonix alight xx


Ecker , again, thank you for your blog. None of my family really Get It. I am the first on either my side of the family or my husbands side of family to have. PD and they

Just pass it by as if it were a cold and in a few days you will,be well again ,

OOPS, do not think so. !!!!!!



I really get scared when my husband takes off on his bike ( he gave up driving years ago because of PD) to run personal errands. There are days that he can barely walk, so I fear that a fall would cause an injury or broken bone. I guess I should be happy that he still tries so hard to do for himself! We've been married 48 years, 23 with PD.


Hi ecker.

All exercise is good1 Weight-bearing exrcise is better than non-weight-bearing. As far as the freezing is concerned you unwittingly used your conscious brain to over-rule your subconscious brain, which normally controls your walking. You can over-rule the subconscious brain at any time, especially with freezing. You just have to tell your leg to liift off the ground and move forward. You don't get anywhere by trying to will your legs to move. I would try and bring down the medication, if I were you, as it does not slow down the Pd, but it does have serious side effects, which become worse than the Pd symptoms. Keep up the exercise.



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I never learned to ride a bike, and at 77 I'm not likely to. When I have to quit driving, I guess i'll be out of luck.

When I was 60 (before PD) I was walking 4 miles a day every day and working out with weights. Now with

PMR and PD plus other health problems, I have to use my small supply of energy to do the necessary housework.

I admire all of you who exercise and hope someday I'll be able to do it again.


sorry i did nt mean to be all encompassing certainly there are many who with all the wiil in the world are nt going cycling,.possibly can aid younger less progressed people thats all , i ll be happy to make 76 on a bike or not.all the bet


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