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Damn, how do I lose weight?

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Two weeks of one meal per day and no weight loss. I use urinalysis strips which show no sugar in urine , so no diabetes, no blood so no bladder or prostate infection, no urobilinogen and no bilirubin so no liver disease, normal specific gravity so probably no diabetes insipidus, no protein which is confirming no bladder or prostate infection. But moderate ketones. And no weight loss. So now maybe go back to exercising daily and see if that drops some weight. I tried one meal per day to see if it helped Rytary absorption. It does seem to.


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Hi KPO, My guess is you are eating too much fat (and perhaps you are not doing enough strength training).

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Thanks for the note. I guess that explains why I'm not hungry all day.

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Indeed! Beware of the low carb folks who say you can eat all the fat you like!

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I never had weight problems when I averaged running 50 miles per week. But these days I run a fraction of that amount. Hopefully warmer weather will get me out of the house more often.

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What's your BMI?

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No idea but way too high.

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Sorry you are mistaken. See:

Eat Fat, Get Thin: Why the Fat We Eat Is the Key to Sustained Weight Loss and Vibrant Health


By an MD and referenced to the medical literature.

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On a topic so controversial, you are awfully confident!

I have a doctor too, whose views on diet and health I quite like:

"The PE Diet: Leverage your biology to achieve optimal health."

by Dr. Ted Naiman

One of his key points is maximizing satiety per calorie, which turns out you get by choosing a high protein, low carb (think 100 grams), and a low fat diet.

For those interested, you can find a 30 page free sample here:


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Proteins turn into simple sugars in the gut. Eat a steak and there will be elevated sugars in the blood. Especially for me with a lifetime of overeating. My system is primed to make sugars out of meat.

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That sound odd. Have you verified this with a blood glucose monitor (ie, measure you blood glucose before you eat the steak and about 2 hours after you ate it)? How does that result compare to the same experiment run with a glazed donut?

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I have not. I was on an Atkins website several years. Often read of people having the same result; elevated blood glucose after a high protein meal. Some may have "faster" insulin which catches the glucose molecules as soon aa they form?

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I’m one of those low carb folks. It works.

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Wrong Wrong Wrong you're using old information.( Ancel Keys)Fat is OK, too much anything as it says isn't OK.Cut out vegetable oils ( polyunsaturated fat) which have never seen a vegetable in its life.

Use olive oil or its like.

Too much sugar and carbs is a big problem ( insulin resistance)

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Hi Allypall:

I made no assertions about the types of fat.

My point was if you are on a low carb diet and not losing weight, it is likely you are eating too much fat.

Note: A little known fact is the fat will raise your basal insulin level.


fat and basal insulin (source: Dr. Ted Naiman)

Modified Keto Diet

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Yes, Cleveland Clinic put my husband on keto diet, and he lost 35-40 lbs in a very short period of time. Can't go forever on a keto diet though. Since I have been cooking and eating Mediterranean all my life, my husband continued with my Mediterranean diet.

He still weighs the same, no gain, no loss.

No wheat, bread etcNo oats etc No milk, except butter, ghee, cheese and heavy cream are ok.

No potatoes of any kind

No rice

No pasta of any kind

No beer

No soda

No sweet drinks, even sugar free

No sweets

Water with lemon is good

Nuts ok except peanuts and cashews

Any meat including the fat and skin is ok

Eggs are great

The only fruit I would say is ok are lemon, strawberry, blueberries, a little watermelon and raspberry, in small amounts .

No starchy vegetables.

No root vegetables like beets and carrots.

Coffee black or with heavy cream

Keep carbs under 20g per day. subtract the fiber from total carbohydrates.

Moderate ketones is good. Too dark purple on the strip indicates diabetic keto acidosis, which if that happens go to the hospital! It likely won't happen though.

Exercise is never a bad thing but diet is 80% of weight loss .

Make a good night's sleep a priority.

Fast at least 16 hrs a day.20 is better. Once in a while try 36 or more, with only water and tea. The most I ever did was 104 hrs and I lost 9 lbs in that time . It was very difficult! But fasting is the most effective way to lose weight and as a special bonus, it will very likely reduce your Parkinson's symptoms! This is because of the high rate of autophagy that is activated. I recently wrote a big post about that .

Watch your blood pressure !

Well that's about all I know. Good luck !

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Is that all??? I'm just kidding. Do you do all those things? Super list! Thanks for sending. 🥊

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Im hardcore, lol, i do it all except on my birthday, wifey's birthday, kids birthdays, thanksgiving and Christmas!

Where is the link for that post you mentioned?Can you link your weight loss protocol to a BMI, that way it makes sense to me, since you also mentioned that it reduces PD symptoms

Here's the link, but I'm not sure I understand the second part of your question..healthunlocked.com/cure-par...

Yay Bass! We are in the same club! 😀

The starving people club?

In the UK, the carbs on a packert etc is the total carbs, so we don't subtract the fiber from the carbs readings

Hi. It sounds like my situation. I try to eat healthy but I don’t move a lot because of the pain. I have gained 20 kg in 5 years and I hate it. Cutting down food makes my brain go nuts and I start shaking. If you find a way please let me know.

My personal experience has been that increasing healthy fats has been incredibly satiating. But this must be accompanied by a no grains no added sugars diet. No calorie counting! I eat more calories now than I ever have and my weight is stable. It sounds insane and overwhelming. Desperation brought me to this and I will never look back. I started with Dr. Terry Wahls protocol then read Grain Brain by Dr. Perlmutter. I literally feel like a different human.

Good for you!

Forgot to write that I did the low carb diet, lost 9 kg but it came back with even more overweight. Like always. And my Parkinson’s didn’t get any better.

Hi Kay

You gain weight when you eat more caleries than you use. If you burn more calarie than you eat, then you lose weight. If you are overweight you have to eat less caleries than you burn, so your body has to get the extra calaries from your body fat.

Do yoy do fast walking, which is a wonderful way to burn calaries and at the same time, get thinner and fitter, and the bonus is your Pd also gets better.

Get indoor equipment while it's cold. A stationary bicycle; if you have a bicycle, you can get stands to make it stationary; used by bicyclist in cold winter areas. You can use a tread mill, but often not advised for PwP. You would need to know when PD progressed to the point it is dangerous.

Regardless of your dietary program, you need to burn calories. And exercise is not only a calorie-burner-- it causes so many microscopic and macroscopic changes that anyone with PwP is missing a real opportunity to slow symptom progression. Keep moving!

Your starving your body. Eating too little causes your body to store reserve the fat. Do your research and yes exercise does help.

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With all due respect, this is partly False. Insulin stimulates the body to store fat. Lack of insulin causes the body to go into a state of ketosis, which enables fat to be burned for fuel. Eating is ok as long as it is food that does not stimulate insulin secretion. Fasting does not slow down metabolism. Fasting does not cause fat to go into storage. Please cite your research. I will cite mine, THE OBESITY CODE by Dr Jason Fung. DR ATKINS DIET REVOLUTION by Dr Robert Atkins. WHEAT BELLY by Dr Jonathan Davis. GRAIN BRAIN by Dr David Perlmutter. AUTOPHAGY MASTERY by Elouisa Smith.

There's no need to shout, :-) I've read Atkins, Davis and Perlmutter.

No, insulin doesn't stimulate anything. Insulin causes the body to absorb and use sugars in the gut. The body absorbs everything passively. Except for simple sugars. Intestinal membrane-bound chemicals seek out every molecule of sugar to absorb and use in the liver and muscles for energy.

Getting back to the original post, exercise burns a mixture of sugars and fats. At high intensities, sugar is the only thing the body can use for energy. With low intensity, like walking leisurely, the body will use fat for energy. But fat contains much more calories than sugar so weight loss agonizingly slow, One way of elevating the heart rate might be using a sauna. I have a NIF sauna that cost $90. The local YMCA also has a sauna. That might be a way for the OP to lose weight without stress to the knees or hips.

In the early stages of ketosis ketones can be found in the urine. But ketones are an energy source and the body eventually is able to use the ketones and no longer wastes then in urine.

My information comes from Guyton's Textbook of Medical Physiology, It's true that ketosis burns fat but how does one live without pizza or ice cream???? It requires the strength to eat just one potato chip in a full bag.

Sorry friend I didn't mean to shout. I just get so excited....

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Make your own pizza, I do and is delicious as is my garlic bread.Aaaaagh, don't eat those McDonald's chips (Google that part)

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make your own low carb Pizza, i do using mozzarella cheese and almond flour, and my own topping, its delicious, YouTube it for recipes

Bass, spot on!

It has been said that if you skip meals, the body will go into starvation mode and hang onto anything put into the body each day. Some medication can cause weight gain. I worked with a Chinese Acupuncturist regarding weight gain in the abdomen area - specific needle points over a period of time and the weight slipped away in this area.

Outdated. This has been proven wrong.

My hwp and I drink daily 8oz water with 3/4 shot glass full of apple cider vinegar. It helps lower your blood sugar. It also helps control hunger and I have lost 54lbs and he has lost 30lbs.

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I drink 1-1 1/2 tbsp organic apple cider vinegar in one shot followed by plenty of water. Not for losing weight, but for its prebiotic qualities. Haven't lost weight, I have weighed 98lbs all my life.

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I needed to lose so maybe that made a difference. I am holding steady now and my husband hasn’t lost anymore lately. So you use it for prebiotics so that is good to know as well!

Two weeks? Be patient! For me it was no more than a pound a week, so give it time.

Yes, you can (and, for a keto diet, SHOULD) eat lots of fat, but only if you eat very few carbs and minimal protein. IMO you can have non-sugar sweeteners too (like monkfruit) but maybe hold off for a while or moderate if you are trying to break a sugar addiction. Myself, I eat fruit, but pretty much only blackberries and the occasional raspberry or starfruit. That's it.

Aim for high ketones in your urine, or, better yet, get a breathalyzer which is more accurate.

You can't have cheat days. And sadly, you can't expect to keep the weight off once (if) you go back to a regular diet. But at least on keto you can stay full.

The one-huge-meal-a-day is also a great idea...IF you aren't snacking. Exercise is great, for a lot of reasons, but not so much for weight loss.

Not all calories are alike, so don't be fooled. You can get all of your calories from fat. and protein and still lose weight because you will not cause much insulin to secrete from the pancreas. Actually, protein can stimulate a little insulin. Calories from simple sugars will spike insulin causing weight gain. More complex carbohydrates locked up in fiber will cause a more steady release of insulin, which will avoid spike and crash....but still cause weight gain!

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Didn't everybody hear that the the "carbohydrate insulin model" is "dead"?

Dr. Naiman interview:


I guess diet advice is too controversial. Have you thought about tapeworms?


My husband lost 20 kg over a year a few years ago with just walking an hour a day and removing all gluten and processed food and seed oils and sauces/mayonnaise from the diet and then his weight stabilised.

Also try eating a serving of raw cabbage slaw with a little olive oil and eg red wine vinegar or lemon juice or cider vinegar as a dressing before lunch and dinner. No carrot. There is something about cabbage I think.

Maybe start a food diary. Photograph everything you put in your mouth and post it in a thread here and all of us experts will advise you on where you are going wrong 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Ps have you had your thyroid checked?

It’s really hard to lose weight, but it does boil down to calories in and calories out. Apparently you need to eat 500 calories less than the recommended calorie intake for your age and gender. So for me my maintenance calorie intake is 2000 a day, and to lose weight I have to drop it to 1500.( That’s basically all the yummy snacks and treats☹️).

I guess your one meal must be providing you with too many calories - you can work it out quite easily just by googling the calories in each component. You might need to reduce the serving size.

Keep going though- sometimes it seems to take a while for the fat to start to shift, and when it does it’s easier to keep going. It’s also a good idea to calculate your BMI to give you a more objective idea of how far you are from your ideal weight. It might not be as bad as you think!

Good luck.

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Thanks for all the advice. I guess Levod and others are right: Too many fat calories and not enough exercise. Ingested fat makes ketones so I would show that in the urinalysis strips. Today I spent 3 hours on the treadmill. It says I used 1000 calories I'll watch the fat calories.

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