The Healing Power of Dancing, Laughter and Massage in PD

The Healing Power of Dancing, Laughter and Massage in PD

I am a Health Coach and Lecturer in the Tidewater communities of Virginia Beach. I am a frequent presenter at APDA support groups and encourage Parkinsonians to start dancing, practice laughing more often and having regular massages. People report that these 3 practices help to reduce many symptoms. I will be open to answering any questions.

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  • I found. Laughter yoga great. But i cant find a dance class in my area in uk...i agree though! Thanks.

  • most Senior Centers off free dance classes...

  • Keep dancing and you'll keep moving.

  • I teach chair Zumba Gold Fitness classes to pwp. Perhaps you can find a chair dancing class in the UK.

  • I totally agree, though it's doubtful that I would dance in public anymore, among other things, pd seems to rob you of your rhythm. I do at times however, dance around the house, most anyone would think I was crazy if they saw me, but only my dog knows and she totally loves me despite my craziness. Life is about love and laughter, no matter your struggles, if you can manage to have both, than life is good. I have never had a massage, too bad insurance doesn't cover it.

  • most pwp find that music enables them to move even when frozen. Try it, take a class for pwp's. Massage could be covered if you got a referral for it as part of PT

  • I find that I lack all rhythm and can't sing at all! This was my first sign of Parkinsonism when I took my Swing dance class 7 years ago and found that something was totally wrong! It sucks! my 2 favorite hobbies robbed from me! My third favorite was biking and my doctor has told me NO MORE because off my balance issues!

    Whatever! So now I ride on my spin bike and pretend that it is fun!!

  • Great that you've found another form of exercise. Try chair dancing like Chair Zumba Gold Fitness classes like I teach

  • Try to find a chair dancing class like the one I teach, Chair Zumba Gold Fitness.

  • I have found that a regular scheduled massage is essential. I have dx 5+ years and an avid cyclist. Deep tissue massage therapy every 4-6 weeks allows me to stay as limber and active as possible.

  • Important to keep moving. Whether dancing or walking or cycling... Pd for 17+ years

  • Absolutely. Good attitude

  • I have moved from cain to walker and wheel chair. Limts more than I ever thought. ~~Dennis

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