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The intimidating power of chest infection

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Hi all. I’m not asking for advice on this (at least I don’t think that I am 😂🤔), but my God these things are so damaging. I must have had this one for about two months now and have had antibiotics but these don’t seem to have worked. I cough much of the time and feel fluey day after day. What REALLY pisses me off as a Parky is that I’m told not to exercise with a chest infection. So my PD symptoms gradually and insidiously move in and take over the house. I had big plans in the New Year to meditate for a couple of hours daily, but the frequent cough has thwarted that proposal. So Mr Chestinfection, I take my hat off to you. Your destructive power shouldn’t be underestimated. 😕.

Wash your hands guys and don’t get one of these!

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2 months is a long time - hope you get rid of it soon!


2 months, yikes! I am not offering the medical advice that you are not asking for, but I just happened to be researching the effects of supplements I take on different pathogens and conditions:

These are all antibacterial, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory:

Chamomile, Cinnamon, Lactobacillus casei Shirota (Yakult), Licorice, Nigella Sativa


I have a Yakult drink every morning now. It's the same probiotic they used in the PD trial for constipation.

Twice a day I slowly eat a combination of a teaspoon of each: ground chamomile flowers, ceylon cinnamon, ground nigella sativa seeds, and a few pieces of licorice. I just put a little in my mouth and let it dissolve and chew it some. I don't want to just drink it down as PD affects the microbiome from the gut to the mouth so I want to treat the entire pathway. I have a high school degree, but this makes sense to me.

Good luck!


BTW: I just checked and they have Yakult in GB:

Thanks buddy 🙏

"These are all antibacterial, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory:" You forgot neoplastic.

Thanks kaypeeoh. Is this about being anti-neoplastic? Anti cancer?

Not quite. Infectious disease can be due to bacteria, virus, fungus or neoplasia.

Thanks! So.. anti-neoplasia too? That sounds like a good thing?

You are correct, sir.

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Biensur in reply to Bolt_Upright

Bolt,You do yourself a disservice saying you only have a high school degree. I graduated with honors from Harvard. I know I was just as intelligent with only my high school degree.

Your contributions have merit. Bolster your self confidence! You’re obviously smart!

All best

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Bolt_Upright in reply to Biensur

Thank you so much Biensur! I really just offer the disclaimer so people can "buyer beware" when considering my protocol ideas. That is a great point about you being as smart before Harvard as you were after Harvard. And congratulations on graduating from Harvard with honors. Very impressive.

I think there should be a rule that having Parkinson's is quite enough. No other maladies should be allowed. My Parkinson's now takes a backseat to spinal stenosis. Hang in there

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jeeves19 in reply to MBAnderson

Thanks Marc 🙏

I think you don't do well on melatonin, but for me personally, I have a tendency to get a cough that has lasted over a year and a minimum of 6 months and this has happened at least 5 times in my life. The only thing that has helped it, and I have tried many, is high dose melatonin.

It usually starts with a cold or the flu and seems to last forever making it impossible for me to just carry on a conversation on the phone or live. The melatonin usually makes it go away in about a week which for me is way better than a year of coughing! I think the melatonin helps because it has proven itself quite effective at reducing inflammation and oxidative stress in the lungs and that is important for me because colds always seem to settle into my lungs.


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jeeves19 in reply to chartist

Thanks very much Art for such a generous response there. I will up my melatonin forthwith! It’s good at getting me to sleep but not always good at keeping me there? Have a great day though. 😊

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chartist in reply to jeeves19

Interesting, it does just the opposite for me. It can take a moment to get to sleep, but once I'm there, I can usually make it all night, unless I drank a lot before going to bed, but even if I have to go to the bathroom, I usually fall back to sleep with no problem.


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Astra7 in reply to jeeves19

I’ve recently found the slow release 3mg gives me a much better sleep than the ordinary 10mg tablet.So lovely to not lie awake from 4am until the sun gets up.

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MBAnderson in reply to chartist

It sounds like a possible co-morbidity. You should stay away from of Covid.

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chartist in reply to MBAnderson


I'm trying to because I just hate being a comorbidity statistic, as it's a guaranteed way to absolutely ruin my day!


Would ambroxol help? It thins mucus.

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Despe in reply to LAJ12345

I was about to suggest that. I believe it will help a lot!

"Chest infection" doesn't explain much. Pneumonia? Bronchitis? Asthma? Cardiac valvular disease? Heartworm...?

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jeeves19 in reply to kaypeeoh

Sound proposal but trying to get a doctor appointment these days is like winning a Golden Wonka Bar!

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Grumpy77 in reply to kaypeeoh

Do humans get heartworm infected? I've always thought that's a dog and cat thing

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kaypeeoh in reply to Grumpy77

IF one has immunity deficiency one can catch animal diseases too. If I hear the complaint is coughing my veterinary brain goes to the DDX; the differential list of diseases that are possible. When my wife was pregnant she caught kennel cough from our dog.

Heartworm, lol! Ivermectin will take care of it ☺️

No, they use nanogram doses to kill the larval stages but adult doses will kill the adults. The dead and dying worms float into the lungs causing fatal verminous emboli.

I knew this about dogs, we live in an endemic area overrun by mosquitoes and ticks. Didn't know heartworm could affect ppl!

Most drugs are tested on lab rats first then on dogs then on chimps and finally tested as an experimental treatment in humans.

Sorry to hear about this nasty infection. Have you ever tried black radish juice? It worked very well for me, the problem is that black radish is not always available but I've heard that a turnip may work as well, however had not tried it personally. If you are interested, here is the recipe which is very

I know how you feel. Chest infections were one of my worst symtoms, which has compketely disappeared since starting the fast walking. If you want to know more then contact me and I will help you, free of charge!

This was one of my worst symptoms, which is not normally accepted as being a Pd symptom, but it disappeared after the first year of fast walking. Why not contact me and find iut more about it?

Hi Adam, So sorry you have this infection! Just wondering, are you under a Doctor’s care, now, for this? Are you taking prescribed medicine? Has the Doctor been clear with you about the diagnosis. Several months with a chest infection, is worrying, to me, and you stated you were on antibiotics, that didn’t work, so that certainly is a concern. Herbs and supplements that boost the immune system, have helped me, in the past. Perhaps, you could try that, and, please, if this continues, would you please see a Doctor again, if you haven’t already! Rooting for your recovery. Washing hands is good advice, from you! Doug

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jeeves19 in reply to ddmagee1

There’s nothing like a dose of Dougie concern and kindness to lift one’s spirits. Thanks for that buddy 🙏😊

Some bacterial infections are very very difficult to treat, I have had a nasal sinus infection for over two years. Tried everything and the best I can do is keep it under some control.

I would also mention that vitamins can do wonderful things and sometimes we can be short something that a vitamin needs to do its work.

I am taking Vitamin D (sunshine ) which is a booster for the immune system and associated with the health of the lungs and I also take a daily multy-vitamin that includes a lot of various minerals.

It is important that we dont let things pile up, and you are starting to see the consequence.

I would take it seriously because your next problem to add to the pile could be lurking around the corner.

We seem to be a magnet for every ill thing out there.

Its just one damn thing after another

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jeeves19 in reply to GymBag

Thanks for that offering Gymbag. Very much appreciated 👍. Good advice

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kaypeeoh in reply to GymBag

My daughter developed "Chest infection". When chicken soup didn't help she went to doctor who diagnosed Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. A year chemotherapy before she was declared cancer-free. My first semester in vet medical school I worked myself into double pneumonia. Angry classmates glaring at me while I coughed in class sent me to a doctor who diagnosed and cured the problem with antibiotics.

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chartist in reply to GymBag


One reason that sinus infections can be very difficult to treat is because the pathogens can develop biofilms that protect the pathogen from the bodies natural defense system. Xlear nasal spray has two biofilm busters in it, xylitol and grapefruit seed extract and can sometimes be helpful and might be worth considering.


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jeeves19 in reply to chartist

Art. How many milligrams are you on for bedtime 🥱?

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chartist in reply to jeeves19

I take 120 mg+ per night for about 3 months now and for a full year before that I was taking 106 mg+ per night.


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jeeves19 in reply to chartist

Goodness mate. That sounds a lot 🤔😂. Are you sure that that amount doesn’t trip off issues with other key organs or encourage growths, benign or otherwise?

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chartist in reply to jeeves19

I've been taking high dose melatonin for many years. My last blood panel was looking pretty good and previous ones have been similar. I'm mainly taking it as a preventative because of melatonin's protective effects in the body and protective effects of the major organs.

One of the main things I am trying to prevent is atherosclerosis as that seems to be a precursor for many other vascular issues that is largely ignored in health today until it is at a very advanced stage and causing heart attacks and strokes among other health issues.


My husband and I have just recovered from Covid which came with a horrendous cough! I have inhalers which I used to help prevent coughs from giving me bronchial asthma and chest infections, which did help. We increased vit c, zinc and vit D.My husband takes NAC on a regular basis which is a mucous thinner so I started taking that as well. It did seem to help us both. His cough has now gone and mine just about. Might be worth a try. Hope you get rid of it soon. Maybe contact your GP again for more help.

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jeeves19 in reply to Zella23

Thanks Zella 😊

Zinc lozenges help whenever I feel something coming on

My two cents from NJ....You must find out if you have pneumonia, that is a long time un✔ed. What is your equivalent to an emergency room over there. Whatever it is, get your pasty butt over there now. On the way, treat yourself to an Everlasting Gobstopper on me. Hang in🍺

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jeeves19 in reply to eschneid

Nice one. Thanks. The average wait in our version of ER last I heard was 12 hours last I heard. A gobstopper won’t do it I’m afraid. Would you consider buying me a small tent, a camping stove and a few sausages instead? 😂

Jeeves have you got an urgent care centre anywhere? I've taken to taking my kids to one as although it's twice the distance it's a fraction of the wait at A & E.

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eschneid in reply to jeeves19

Sounds like a worthwhile investment...chuck the sausage and cook up some salmon...

Might be bronchitis if you're coughing for months and nothing really comes up from the lungs (ie. little or no phlegm) . I sometimes get that after having a cold with sinus congestion. You can try smearing Vicks Vapor Rub on your chest or back before going to bed. That helps sometimes, but usually you just have to wait it out.

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jeeves19 in reply to Doohat

Oh. I could fill a bath with the amount of mucus I’ve produced. Gross stuff 😂😳


My suggestion is Ambroxol and NutriBiotic Nasal Spray Plus or Xlear Nasal Spray.

It was niggling me and I finally remembered this post from 3 years ago - not sure how it ended up but loads of good advice here too...Might be reassuring in a way. To know that usually these things come, we get advice, take action and they go - either by themselves or as a result. (except for the blinkin PD of course!)

Goodness me. Well spotted that man! So I went through the same 3 years ago. Fascinating reading the responses etc and compare them to the present crisis. This is obviously a genetic weakness in me. Bummer 🤔😕

If you are wanting to try ambroxol you can subscribe here if you are in the UK or US :

You can make a monthly subscription. It seems to be out of stock on Amazon.

You may find that just about everything that is not Covid has been shut. No Operations , no xrays , no one to serve at the walk in clinics. You need to start looking for help because there is a giant line up of people desperate to get that cancer operation or hip replaced.

It's not the cough that'll carry you off

It's the coffin they'll carry you off in

Try inhaling menthol. Its cheap too. Menthol crystals from any pharmacy in UK.

Don’t forget to replenish the microbiome.

So sorry to hear that. That’s the pits. That’s a long time also. I’m sorry that they’ve not been able to help you get rid of it. I have a sinus infection during part of one summer. It was pretty bad. You know you cough and then you get a fever and the fever goes away and then it comes back UGh. Anyway take care of yourself and just kind of chill as much as you can. There’s not much else you can do. Good time to binge watch something.👍 I hope you feel better soon!

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jeeves19 in reply to Godiv

Thanks for your kindness 😊. Best wishes to you.

You’re welcome!. I just hope you feel better soon — sooner better than later.

Maybe it would help to some of the things you wanted to but just more mildly. Like meditation; I think you mentioned that. It’s very stressful not to feel well.☹️

Sorry to hear you're not well. I had a chrdi infection for 2 months. It wasn't until I had a sample of sputum analysed my Dr had never treated@

Sorry. My Dr hado treated it before. Needed different antibiotics.

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jeeves19 in reply to Eliza-Jane

Thanks honey pie. Hope all’s well down under despite the slight embarrassment of locking the world’s top tennis player up 😂

Yes, well you don't mess with us Aussies (apparently). All good except i agree once you cant exercise the evil one takes over.

Did you aspirate? I'd ask for a culture, an x-ray and a different class of antibiotic. If you have a nebulizer, hypertonic saline can help move the junk out of your lungs. Can you get ambroxol where you're at?

I’m on the road to recovery now but thanks for your tips, I’m sure that this won’t be the last time I get this.

Just a general FYI, acupuncture works great to clear the sinuses. A friend asked me to try acupuncture for his URI. Sadly I was out of human needles and had to use ginormous horse needles the size of knitting needles. They still worked.

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