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Is anyone else dealing with plantar fasciitis in either or both feet along with PD?

The ailment involves inflammation of the tissues connecting heel to toes and comes across as sharp pain, usually in the heel. The result is less or slower movement which encourages the development of the Parkinson's Shuffle and the posture and other problems that go with it. Medical info says it usually runs its course in about 9 months, but that's a long time. I've tried most of the arch support gimmicks with only limited success. I take only Tylenol to reduce inflammation. Any suggestions?

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Ronn, I devloped plantar facscitis last August. I tired everything before I saw a podiatrist and received an injection in my heel. Oh what a relief that was! Now when I feel the pain start to return I stick my foot in a bucket of ice water for about 10 minutes. It takes me about three tries to be able to get my foot in and keep it in but it's worth it because it gets rid of the pain and inflammation. I did it 3 times a day for several days. Good luck I know how miserable you are. :-( Terri

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Thanks Terri, I'll try the ice-water tomorrow.


Is this problem with my computer or ???

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">Is anyone else dealing with plantar fasciitis in either or both feet alon=

g with PD?


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Me too. I reported it yesterday under Feedback.


I had the same problem and thought it was my computer. I don't understand what is happening.


I am getting these weird computer messages too. They come through rather than a plain English notification.


Me too I can't read them either


me too everyting messed up on d site


I have it in the right foot. There are self help solutions. Stretching the calf muscles can release tightness that can be the initial cause in many cases. Deep tissue massage can also help but is hard to tolerate... you can do it yourself or use a tennis ball on the floor while sitting. Another element is ice packs for 15 minutes which is easier to tolerate than immersion in ice water.


I got it a couple of years before any other PD symptoms.

My doctor advised orthotics which I got. They solved the problem. Still use orthotics, no additional problems, even with PD. Is it possible that it is not PD related?


Thank you for your response. I agree with you that Plantar Faciitis is not PD related but, in my case, it came on as I was trying to ward off, (delay) the onset of the "Parkinson Shuffle", giving that PD symptom free rein. With some good advice from previous responders I've been using ice packs and taking Ibuprofen which seems to have helped. Thank you again.



I had a pretty severe PD shuffle and I dragged my left leg. I walk normally now. Please look at my posts on Coconut Oil, they go back for a couple of months.



fwes, It is gratifying to learn that someone has been able to regain ground once lost to PD. I also checked out your and other fascinating Posts on Coconut Oil. I had passed them by, having recently completed a half-hearted, hit-or-miss trial which produced the effect it deserved. I will try again. Thanks, you have been most helpful.



I found that a spikey ball rolled under the whole length of my foot toes to heel really helped. A physiotherapist told me to try this. Hope is improves as it really is painful.