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Hip protectors

I see there have been mentions of wearing knee pads in case of falling. My big fear is of falling and having a hip fracture, so I bought some hip protectors. They are definitely not glamorous! And not particularly comfortable but provide peace of mind. They are supplied with 3 pairs of pants, which are not far removed from the Bridget Jones type! So far I have not been prone to falling, but if I am somewhere where there may be crowds, or if there is ice on the ground, I do wear them, as I could easily lose my balance. Eventually I shall have to wear them al the time.

They are not the easiest of things to find, but shops which supply aids for people with disabilities may have them or be able to get them. Or try google.

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i have been told and have read that hips fracture prior to falling and not necessarily due to the fall - in uther word it is the hip breaking that causes the fall ...but thanks fir the tip on knee pads as i do fall a lot and both my knees are permantly swollen and bruised !!


I hope the knee pads help! I'm sure there are cases where the fracture has caused the fall, particularly in older people who have osteoporosis, but they can happen as a result of a fall. It's important to try and maintain bone density with weight bearing exercise, ie walking, running. Wouldn't we all like to be able to those things !! ;o)


Exercise, and more exercise helped me with balance isues but now and then I am standing in one spot and then I'm on my back like a beetle. I laugh a lot about it and pray I don't break my sense of humor!!


As i have said in previous posts i fall most day's , the body is a wonderfull thing i hardley ever hurt my self because i have no idea when falling is going to happen so my bod is relaxed , just like a child when they fall , they hardly get hurt,

By the way, i had my right Hip replaced in 2006 and i am waiting to go in for my left one to be done , since my replacement my mobility has been fantastic , till i was dx with our Friend PD




hi cerellia

where r u based? i am inthe uk

]i have psp diagnosed in dec 2010

BUt i fell out of mychair in 2007 and fractured my ankle badly = result metal plate in ankle after op, and 8 weeks non- weight-bearing on it

and i have never been right since then)apart from falling to the right!-


so i was having balance problems b4 that and altho aged 65 (66 next month - a party???) do not have osteoporosis

i have alwyays kept fit and apart from tai chi class once a week find it difficylt 2 do any exercise now)(cnnnot swim my wonderful exercsie fo hte past as i cnanot co-ordinate arms nad legs) and walkin gis difficult as i freeze if i have to utrnor stop.

the kneepads r a godsend as i alway s fall fwds and TO THE RIGHT) BUT i really need ot use htem on my elbows as they r covered in bruises like my knees

I am tryign what the physio suggested - count 1 /2 adn wnen i freeze do nto try to go fwd but count again and i tis working

BUT when i am relaxed and not thinking of walkign eg i am carryign even the smallest thing i fall wihtout warningor jus tnot htinking abotu hwat i am doing for a second then thump i throw myself fwd!!

)so Al it may be that you do not hurt yoru self when relaxed but I do_

love jill

ps how od i do smilies plz

pps my typign!(!) is dyslexic as people mgiht guess Ii have mainly bloggedon th Psp sit e and htey all know this


Hi Jill, Sorry to here about your falling , i have fallen 3 times today and its only 14.50 hrs, as i said i dont feel it when ifall , i dont know why , some times i have cuts on my head and are coverd in bruses, , my PD nurse told me when i freezz to imagin that there is a row of bricks in front of me and to consintrate and try to lift my legs one at a time over them, it worked for a short time till the brickie built a bloody wall in front of me.

dont realy know what to say as we are all different

take care



Hi jillann

I wonder how long you have actually had Pd, as I was diagnosed in 2001, and am now 70, birthday in March, we can have parties any time!! But I don't think I actually freeze although i have difficulty turning round. I live in Dudley, West Midlands, and am lucky tthere as I have been able to go to Conductive Education in Birmingham, specifically for people with Parkinson's. I've only fallen once, walking along a carpeted corridor in a new building, and flat on my knees, elbows, tummy etc, but managed to keep my head up. Now I walk with my toes up, as I think the toe of my shoe caught on the carpet.

I have to go out now, will catch up with you later X


I have to remember to pick up my feet and keep my pantlegs rolled up. Only fell once when I got tangled up in my pj bottoms. Nothing broken but I'm very cautious as I live alone. Best to all!


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