Hi, worst news I am afraid to say, mum is far too poorly for any form of treatment and chemo is not an option for her. She is going to have palliative care only. She is relatively comfortable and is just coming to terms having only been told today. All the family flying over tomorrow to be with mum and spend as much time with her whilst she is still well and we are able to chat to her. Not a good time for the family but at least we will all be together in the UK with mum.

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  • So so sorry to hear this news. God speed with your family's journey to be with your Mum. My heart goes out to you all. Xx

  • Julie,

    A difficult time indeed for all the family and no treatment is a hard situation to accept. It is good you will all be together with Mum - no doubt she will get comfort from this.

    Best wishes,


  • Hi Julie,

    This is one of the worst situations a "child" can be put in, to see their mum or dad face terminal illness. Make the most of every second you have with her, laugh, cry, talk, reminisce, write, take photos and most of all love. I probably don't ned to tell you all that, but I know the last eleven weeks with my Dad were the most precious, if stressful, ones. Sending the strength to get through this for you all xx

  • Hi Julie,

    So sorry to hear your bad news, my thought's are with you and your family, make the most of the time you spend together.

    Best wishes Christine x

  • Thoughts and prayers are with you all. Enjoy every moment you can with your Mum. I know exactly what you are feeling at the moment, I lost my beloved husband in April of this year, only 3 weeks after diagnosis. xxx

  • Hope you benifited from the time you spent with mum and the family.We spent a great deal of time with my sister talking,laughing and of course crying too.It was not the days when it rained that we struggled with ironically but the days when the sun shone.It reminded us that our sunny days with sis were ebbing away.At this time we were all lucky and were introduced to the hospice and macmillian service.They did what ever we asked of them and helped us all to begin to grieve as well as assisting us with pain relief and comfort aids for beds and chairs.Our sister choose the hospice in the last week of her life and they were superb.We stayed with her 24/7 playing her favourite songs and celebrating saint pataricks day and mothers day with her and her son.My sis was not particularly religious but again we were lucky to meet a superb Roman Catholic priest who took time to bless us all and spent time listening patiently to our worries.He even attended in his pyjammas when things looked serious coming galloping down the road at 5 am.What a star.Please do not be afraid to ask for help and may godd bless and keep you safe at this very personal but stressful time

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