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I’m hoping for some feedback on my symptoms and if I should be as worried as I am!

I’m 45- Female- approx 7 weeks ago I started to have bad heartburn & reflux. I’ve had this before but not for at least 2 years. I tried over the counter stuff but after a few days saw the doctor who gave me lanprozole, I’ve had this before. It helped a bit but gives me headaches and also I thought was making me more bloated.

Anyway on and off i suffered, including on holiday. Take meds have headache or don’t take have excruciating heartburn!

Last week pain was horrendous & I got little sleep, was contstantly bringjng up food and so so bloated, even on waking. I went back to doctors & saw someone else who said he’d do a blood test and refer for an endoscopy. He said maybe hernia or h pylori. Told to stop lanprozole ahead of endoscopy.

This week pain has been less but reflux still persists, I’ve now got a cough & feel a little breathless and tummy is so bad I can’t wear normal clothes. I think I can feel a swelling in left hand side under rib

Anyway, had blood test yesterday morning & last night at 7pm doctor called! My Amylase is a bit elevated - range 25-100 and mine is 113 so not crazy. He wants to test again first thing Monday but said if my pain gets bad I should go to A&E straight away. Pain currently mild.

I am worried I have PC. I have the above symptoms plus nausea and a bit of loss of appetite but this is mainly fear of eating bringing on reflux I think. I have not lost any weight. I feel unwell and uncomfortable more than stay in bed sick.

Thanks for reading & thoughts xx

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Oh and I was meant to be in London for work Monday so I asked the doctor if Tuesday would be ok and he said no it needs to be Monday so this has also worried me!

How about your cancer marker level? I think Ca 19-9 tumor marker level maybe can help you whether you have problem with your pancreas

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