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Diagnosed April 2016 Whipple 5-25-16 need digestive help

Hi, I'm new here. After mild backaches and occasional nausea with weight loss, and after after all normal ultrasounds and blood work I finally was diagnosed with adenocarcinoma in the head of the pancreas. Thankfully was able to have Whipple (5-25-16) surgery followed by chemo of abraxene and gemzar. The chemo failed me and it spread to my liver. I was switched over to a new chemo which did wonders bringing my ca-19-9 down to 44! It presently is 149, still not bad. I'm on Onivyde and Leucoverin, given IV through my port, then go home with 5FU pump for 46 hours. I get this chemo treatment every 2 weeks. My problem presently is I am 5'7" and weigh 107 pounds. Am on creon digestive enzyme and feel it's not working well for me. I have an appetite and eat much daily but having trouble gaining weight. I see some are on a natural digestive enzyme. Any suggestions? I'm an active 72 year old female.

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