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My names Patricia I was given no hope now I have a real chance I was stilling hear afraid I only have 6 months to live totally scary I'm only 45 .I have stage 4 cervical and utrine I got a two for one that speed to my liver and brain and I got lung clots from the cancer ask your doc about that itit happens to cancer patients a lot I have to be on the shots for life any way I was told I wouldn't get treatment unless I had two or three tuners and they could do pin point Radeation I was on pin needles so afraid there pushing hospic on me you get it well got MRI I had three but one was over on inch but I got it done and it went well so now I have an aptment to get cemo started to liver all my tratment s I've. Had have worked really good on my but I have lynch syndrome so even though I'm doing good now its a we don't won't to waste are time on you with that lynch .but I'll fight because I know I'm not at a place where its unfightable its not all over spreading its clear where treatments been done so when they do liver I'll be OK so don't give up on the first doctor that says no way if you want to live fight if your able to still .burthats key word if your body is able to and you want to .my email is patriciafusch123@ I was told to give up and die well I'm fighting and I feel good hope you have great family support I wish you hope I know what its like to be afraid alone and being told you don't have much time by the way there chanced there minds I will have time now they said . hope hope hope

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