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Hi everyone,

I was diagnosed with PC November 2011. Like many people I am a healthy 59 year old. Non- smoker, non- drinker. A gym enthusiast and slim. Mostly a healthy eater.

Mine is in the bile and pancreatic duct and has wrapped itself around the Hepatic Artery. It's not resectable now but I have just had my 4th aggressive chemo treatment at the royal free hospital in London. The aim is to shrink it, and hopefully operate. Family and friends are carrying me through but I am very positive. From the beginning I wanted to be in the 30 % success rate. I will be very interested in any research that studies the genetic possibility of this cinderella cancer. Also any campaigns that create awareness and action for screening, early diagnosis and better treatment.

I wish you all well and to your loved ones. Support and love goes a long way in helping Cancer patients travel this often lonely and frightening road. Lots of love and support.


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Hi , welcome to our site , we are all connected . My name is Cath and i am 60 years old , i was diagnosed in oct with a terminal prognosis as it is wrapped around 2 veins, but i try and stay as positive as i can , i start chemo on mon . We all support each other on this site , and keep updates posted . You may be interested about a study in Liverpool , myself and members of my family have put ourselves forward for it as my brother died with P/C 3 years in feb , he was 50 . They are looking to identify gene involvement. EOROPAC is the study .and the web site is europac-orgeu/aboutus/.... Love Cath x x


Hi, how ya doing? My name is Bill and I too have pretty much the same problem and I just passed my first year mark. I too have become a big advocate against this monster but I am sorry to say that right now there is no early detection for PC. There is the familial tumor registry at MD Anderson that you might wish to become a part of, especially you Cath. They send you a kit to take to your doctor where you have blood drawn and send it back to them. This helps them to identify genetic markers that may help other family member w/early detection.

You all stay strong and live well, after all we are only given today....


Bill K


Hello Maz....I am in this group as a husband has pancreatic cancer that is wrapped around the artery as well....he did agressive chemo for 8 weeks and the tumor shrunk over 50 percent but is still wrapped around now he is doing a different chemo and radiation hoping to get it away from the artery in hopes of surgery...he was diagnosed in early August....being on this site has been so helpful..first to let out all of your concerns and fears without making your loved ones worry..and getting such wonderful feedback and support from others here....It really welcome...wishing u well...


Hi all,

Thanks for all your responses. I have concerns about the genetic links, so thx for that information. My parents both had their gall bladders removed in their 60's. Don't know why possibly stones or even gall bladder disease. Neither of them had cancer and lived to their 80's and 90's.

I have four adult children with young families so will speak to my oncologist.

My thoughts and support are with all of you. My take away chemo bottle comes off today so I have my shower to look forward to.

I have 8 hours every 2nd Thursday then 46 hours at home. I'm having Folfirinox. A combination of 3 chemo treatments that deals with bile and pancreatic cancers.

Best wishes,



Hi Maz welcome to the site , my mum was diagnosed in sept 11 with pc in the head of the pancreas where the bile duct joins the pancreas she was a fit very healthy 68 year old , rarely Ill never drank or smoked for the last 28 years !! Mums diagnosis came out of the blue as she had started to turn jaundiced as the bile duct was blocked no other symptoms . Unfortunately for mum she had some secondary tumors on the liver so they won't operate . Gem cap chemo is her only option and hope at this present time. She has just completed 3 months chemo and were waiting for a scan to see what it's done or doing .... There are some wonderful people on this site , always offering support and a listening ear. I wish you all the luck in the world and please keep us posted on your progress. Love Nessy x


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